July 24, 2024


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The United States and Canada are looking for leadership in their group

The United States and Canada are looking for leadership in their group

The fight between the national teams of United States Y Canada This will close the first round of the sixteenth edition of the Gold Cup within Group B, which will not only renew but also define the rivalry between the two northern neighbors. To the same leader.

With both teams already in the quarterfinals after the victories ahead of the Heidi and Martinique national teams, the competition, which will take place at Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Park, has advanced to date to fulfill the TV commitment, which is the first match your team is interested in.

Earlier duels against Haiti and Martinique turned into training sessions for Canada, which won 4-1 and the United States 6-1, respectively.

So, America coach Greg Berholder has prioritized the young talent he brought in from the Professional Football League (MLS) of the United States in the previous two games, again Very senior In search of success that will allow him to reach the quarters as the leader of Group B.

Despite having five players in the first headlines with the national team and two debuting internationally against Martinique, the ‘Stars and Stripes’ team responded as if they had been playing together for years.

Gianluca Pucio, James Sands and Eric Williamson participated in the opening eleven For the first timeDonovan Pines and Matthew Hope had their first international starts.

Forward Kayasi Sardes Fifth career goal In this week’s Gold Cup, Josie Altidore and Chris Vondolovsky and Damarcus Beasley will join the United States for the fifth time, confirming his return to the title against Canada.

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Now, the goal is to maintain that momentum and get to the top of their group, which they have been able to do in four consecutive Gold Cup seasons.

They may have lost to Canada once in the CONCACAF Nations League in 2019, but the United States, who have won six of the last eight home games played, are confident. Keep up the success.

Having qualified for the hex stage of the World Cup qualifiers for the first time since 1997, Canada has entered the tournament with long-standing expectations and is ready for a fight against the United States. Then. They won 4-1 against Martinique and Haiti, who completed them two years ago.

After using some Gold Cup ghosts against Haiti, English coach John Hertmann, who runs Canada, will put an end to another executioner in his history, a team like America They never won In this match.

Canada is more likely than ever to reach that goal on Sunday until they beat the 34-year-old unbeaten drought against the United States 2-0 in the group stage of the United Nations League in 2019. CONCACAF.

After two games in this tournament, Canada have shown that two great personalities like Jonathan David and Alfonso Davis, despite the appearance of Kyle Lauren, can have great personal talents, but above all they are still a lot more than a man show.

Possible rows:

United States: Turner; Robinson, Sands, Zimmerman, Wines; Bellow, Ledget, Pucio, Luis; Sardes and Dyke.

Selector: Greg Berholder

Canada: CrepeU; Miller, Vittoria, Henry; Buchanan, Kay, Eustachio, Osorio, Fraser; Lorraine and Aquinola.

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Selector: John Hertman.

Referee: Not appointed

Stadium: Children’s Mercy Park (Kansas City, EE.UU).

Hrs: 5:00 pm Eastern Time (9:00 pm. GMT).