May 24, 2024


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'This Time, I'm Scared': Kevin Holland reveals the latest superhero after rescuing a driver from an overturned tractor-trailer

‘This Time, I’m Scared’: Kevin Holland reveals the latest superhero after rescuing a driver from an overturned tractor-trailer

It won’t be long before that Kevin Holland He begins to wear the abaya on a full-time basis.

The veteran UFC fighter who Help arrest a gunman in March Chasing an alleged car thief last October, he once again came to the rescue in his adopted home of Texas after witnessing a trailer overturned on the highway.

“There’s a guy who overturned an 18-wheeler, and I got off and helped that guy,” Holland said. The fighter vs the writer When asked about his latest tournaments. “Other than that, nothing else happened.”

The locomotive and pedestrian-trailer accident may seem almost given how well the Netherlands is prepared to confront potentially violent criminals, but he responded immediately after witnessing the accident in real time.

“I’m driving a Regal, old school, sort of like my Batmobile,” Holland explained. “Everyone knows Batman is my favorite character, which is why I probably get into all of this stuff. I’m driving on the road, enjoying some good ’80s and ’90s music, and just cruising. It’s fast but it’s cruising, and then I looked to the right side and this guy looked like he was Trying to get to the highway too fast.

“I looked straight back. I looked back to the right side sliding sideways. I’m like oh my god. Pulled the Regal, glad I put the new brakes in there. Jump, run there, jump from the top, rip the door open, get the guy out.”

According to Holland, the entrance ramp to the highway was rather long, and the driver seemed to be going up quickly to join the traffic that was already zipping down the road. That’s when the situation turned stalemate as the driver lost control, and the truck skidded off the bridge before overturning.

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Holland never cared about chasing an alleged car thief or even a gunman, but admits he was really scared for the first time when he jumped over the truck to retrieve the driver inside.

“I got the guy out, there’s fluids pouring out of the car, I got the guy out of the truck and I’m scared,” Holland said. “Every time things happened, I was calm, calm and collected. This time, I’m scared. I’m like the truck is going to explode. The guy is back in his truck! It’s like ‘I need my phone’. I’m like my brother, I have a second phone in the car, I don’t need to.” Your phone. We have to go. It’s like, “I have to get my citizenship.”

“So I help him out the second time, and I’m like bro, we have to go. He’s like, ‘I think I need something else out of the truck.’ I’m leaving. When I turn around, there’s a cop over there and I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ He said: Tell me what’s going on—who’s driving, you or him? I’m like no, no no, my car is there. So this is one of those situations, maybe I should keep my ass in the car.”

Fortunately, Holland said there were no other vehicles involved in the accident as the trailer eventually skidded off the road and hit the grass instead of swerving onto the highway.

“It slid perfectly on the grass,” Holland said. “I think the guy fell asleep trying to get up there. Who knows. I know who it is. I’m tired when I’m driving too. I’d be a pervert. It happens.”

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“The man was completely fine but suddenly when the officer stopped he was so [screaming]. I was as if you were playing.”

Holland has no idea why he continues to be in dangerous situations. He just knows he can’t turn and walk away when there’s an opportunity to help.

Set to return to work in UFC Austin On June 18, Holland revealed that another incident from his past seemed to trump all of these situations. But he doesn’t plan to tell that story any time soon.

“I have another situation that is much more brutal than that, which I will never talk about,” Holland joked. “Yeah, after that situation, I was like how I keep getting stuck in these situations.

“When I was young, I wanted to be a superhero, so you have to be careful what you ask for. You ask for certain things and you start to happen and you wonder why these things happen — you have to be careful what you ask for.”

Rather than don the cloak, Holland has another idea for a new moniker that might embody his continued ability to be the right place at the right time.

“What I learned from my conversation with a good friend of mine, that she actually had a fight coming,” Holland said, “she said, ‘Son, when you do things with a hood, you take off your glasses.’” When you do good things, you keep your glasses. You are the opposite of Clark Kent. I like it a lot so I might start calling myself Clint Kark.”