April 24, 2024


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Tokyo 2020: Canada beat Brazil to advance to women’s football semi-finals Japan | Tokyo |

Martha’s ‘Kanarinha’ failed in regulatory time or overtime and was fined

The Brazilian women’s football teamAfter regulatory time and overtime without a goal, they were penalized 4-3 Canada, And was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the women’s football tournament Tokyo Olympics.

The fight started with A. Canada Vanessa Gilles and Quinn had the first two approaches to the goal from Away FC goalkeeper Barbara. Brazil He responded with the Tamils ​​trying to reach the goal with a shot into the area that went over the crossbar in the 15th minute.

In the 25th minute, this time Jesse Fleming’s cross shot close to Barbara’s right corner, the Canadians had another approach in a game.

VAR came into action soon after, with defender Allisha Chapman falling on midfielder Duda during an action in the Canadian box, who demanded a penalty. French referee Stephanie Frabert reviewed the play and concluded that there was no violation.

In the 40th minute, defender Gilles had trouble controlling the ball, Debinha stole the ball and ended up going into the area, but goalkeeper Stephanie Lape was able to divert the ball in a clear goal game in the first half.

In the second half, “Guerrero” was captured and the historic Marta played a major role in pushing his team, while the North Americans sometimes exited into their territory.

Canada’s clear goal choice came in the 59th minute when Jenin Becky charged a ball from the left side and Vanessa Gilles, one of the game’s leading scorers in both defense and attack, collided head-on with a header. .

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“La Vertemerella” scored on the edge of the box before reaching Debinha’s goal in the 71st minute, but was now deflected right by Labbe’s left hand, who defended the colors of Sweden’s FC Rosencard.

Players led by German Bev Priestman shook the South American dominance in the 63rd minute with Julia Grosso and Dean Rose entering the field. The latter signed his first professional contract with Reading FC in the UK two days ago. What could have deserved her foot, but the shot she took a few meters away from the Brazilian goal was blocked by Barbara in the fourth and last minute of extra time. He’s going to have extra time.

The first half of the extension was on alternate routes, with only John Becky harassing “La Canerinha” with a deflected shot. In the 108th minute, the Canadians demanded a hand from Tamir in their area, but the federal referee awarded a continuation to a sub that ended without a significant game.

The final 15 minutes showed the outfits of both teams as Canada tried to come up with the ships of the newly arrived Adriana Leon.

In the 119th minute, Lapee saved a header from Erica with a goal, which was eventually answered by the Canadians with a shot from Lawrence.

By definition from the penalty spot, the Canadians beat the Brazilians 4-3 and qualified for the semifinals, where they will face the winner of the fight between the Netherlands and the United States.