July 15, 2024


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“Turn the page … we have to go to Canada to get points”

“Turn the page … we have to go to Canada to get points”

Caesar Yannis said the Panama football team’s current focus is on getting spectator points against Canada to take first place in the top ten of the CONCACOP for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, following their domestic victory over the United States.

“Thank God for this victory, but we fought hard to get these three points.”, Said the midfielder during the Panamanian team’s morning training at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium. “Now turn the page … we have to go to Canada to get points”.

Yannis stressed that the five-hour drive to the Canadian city of Toronto is waiting for the Panamanian team, so the team is in a good position to deal with the situation, in the middle of a three-game schedule in six days.

“It’s hard. There are three games in a few days, but the team is well prepared.”, He noted. “The recovery is short. It’s important to take three points (against the United States) and continue to add.”. Added.

The Real Zaragoza player in Spain’s second division admitted that he did not know much about the “Maple Leaf” team, but he was sure the match on Wednesday, October 13 would be tough.

“Tonight, when we get to Canada, I think we’ll watch the videos, but it’s going to be tough competition.”, He noted. “Canada is a powerful, fast team and we will act on that basis.”, He pointed out.

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