July 25, 2024


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U-17 Women Tri ends the year against Canada

U-17 Women Tri ends the year against Canada

Maybe with some reaction, but Anna Kalindo’s under-17 national team has not finished its football year yet, and after the mayor’s measured against the Canadian team at Tri Femen, the under – 17s will do the same. What will be the last concentration of the year this December.

As in the past, the date also corresponds to two encounters against the maple leaf. The first of them left a zero draw between the two teams and extended the positive series of the Tri-Female against Canada to one more game in this division.

Unfortunately, Mexico, unaware of their defeat to Canada since 2012, ended the series in the second and final game, after which the Kalindo-led team battled it out 1-0. They could not balance our situation.

Thus, our U-17 year ends with a draw and defeat, although it is safe to say that the runner-up in the world is not the golden generation, but a team with many talented players. And for the most part they are young prospects Liga MX Girls. This again shows us that things are going well in both coaching the players in the league and the new processes of the national team, for his part, Maribel Dominguez is leading the U-20 after being promoted from Major to Major. The results come in the same way, ending the year with a 1-0 win over the U-20 Poomas.

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After this 2021, we have good feelings in all women’s categories, we understand that this is a process and it will take time to get to where it is intended, but no doubt, the outlook is inspiring today. It remains to be seen what 2022 will bring to us.