April 22, 2024


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Uber Eats already allows ordering cannabis in Canada | Companies

Uber Eats Order Delivery Backpacks

Uber Eats, Uber’s food distribution division, has partnered with Tokyo Smoke, a cannabis dealer, to allow online ordering through its processor in Ontario, Canada. The alliance marks the expansion of a shared transport company that already distributes food, alcohol and tobacco orders to the cannabis sector. According to the Canadian company, It is owned by Constellation Brands Holding, This collaboration would also favor the legal cannabis trade in Canada because even though recreational use was legalized 3 years ago, the illicit market still accounts for more than 40%.

Tokyo Smoke is a subsidiary of Canopy Growth, part of Constellation Brands, a holding company that includes liquor brands such as Corona, Modello and Svetka. Holding this It has 55.8% canopy smoke, which was acquired by Tokyo Smoke in 2017. Retail ownership is primarily involved in the trade of cannabis, its derivatives and consumer goods. According to its website, the company has already offered the option of home delivery of cannabis, although it has been deactivated due to restrictions on its website due to Govt-19.

To access the Tokyo Smoke Store on the Uber Eats app, consumers must search for the word ‘cannabis’ and confirm their age before the menu appears. On the other hand, if a consumer decides to go to a Tokyo Smoke store to pick up their order, marijuana store employees will check their ID to make sure they meet the age limit for buying cannabis. According to the company, its products will be available in use from Monday, and L.A.Orders will be delivered within one hour of ordering.

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The Uber CEO said the company plans to expand the service to other countries. Tara Kosroshahi said in April that the company would enter the cannabis business when the legal terrain in the United States was clear.When the way to cannabis is clear, we will definitely see when federal laws come into force. Kosrovshahi.