April 22, 2024


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Unbeaten Canada fell 5-0

CONCACAF – For the 3rd day of Group G of the Under-20 Women’s 2022 tournament, Canada thrived at home, beating Trinidad 5-0. Holy Ward (36 ‘1D), Cerida Thurden (3’ 2D), Keira Mellonhorst (12 ‘2D), Florian Jord (18’ 2D) and Kyla Novak (44 ‘2D) were instrumental in the local team’s success. .

Olivia Smith’s shot went wide of the post in the 89th minute of the second half when the ball bounced off the post.

Akila Walcott was chosen as the champion of the competition. The Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper was instrumental in saving 16 shots.

The Holy Ward is also important. The Canadian striker scored 1 goal and scored the opposite goal 6 times.

It was a misguided match on both sides.

Canada coach Cindy Dye set up a 3-4-3 strategy with Anna Karpenko; Defensively, Annika Leslie, Jade Rose and Vivian Bezet; Lou Tzu, Vanessa Frelih, Simi Aujo and Florian Jorda in the middle; And Zerida Thurton, Keira Mellonhurst and Holy Ward in the attack.

For their part, the Jason Spence-led side were caught under three sticks with Akila Walcott with a 4-5-1 plan; Ashante Wilson-Campbell, Latifa Pascal, Chrissy Mitchell and Monosa Megias in defense; Sarah de Cannes, Theresa Bristol, Marley Walker, Maria-Frances Serrant and Dorian Henry in half court; And in front of Shurella Mendes.

Referee Tatiana Guzman Alguerra was selected to officiate the match.

Note and Image Source: DataFactory

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