July 24, 2024


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USA defeats Canada in Olympic softball – Diario Digital Nuestro Pass

Fukushima, Japan, July 22 (Brenza Latin) Hanging in the arms of its pitchers, the United States defeated Canada 1-0 to reassert itself today as a fierce contender for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic softball title.

On the grass of Fukushima Asuma Stadium, the Kings of Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 scored the only decisive run in the fifth inning, with Haley McCleany (3-1, 1CA) firing cannon, Johnny Reid (2-0) and RBA single Amanda Cistercian (4-2, 1 CI).

The star Monica Abbott (1-0), considered the best pitcher on the planet today, walked against a rival cannon unable to comprehend its shipment during the seven innings at a rate of nine wins, three strikeouts and three innings. Of the expected game.

The loss relief was offered by Jenna Keira (0-1, 2.2, 1C, 3H), to save starter Sarah Cronwegan (0-1, 2.0, 3H, 4K, 1PB), although High Command The Canadian rescuers Lauren Regula ( 1.1, 1K) and Daniel Larry (1.1, 1H, 1K) were also used.

After this decision, the Stars and Stripes team has a balance of two wins without a shadow of defeat, while the Canadians show a win balance and setback.

The tournament, which is based on Mexico-Japan and Italy-Australia, will continue this Thursday as part of a match that will meet its champion on July 28 at the Yokohama Baseball Stadium.

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