May 28, 2024


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wait what?  This limited edition fragrance smells like French fries

wait what? This limited edition fragrance smells like French fries

Have you ever walked through a bakery and smelled of freshly baked goods? This immediately tempts you and urges you to indulge in some baked good. Avid foodies know that food has a multi-sensory appeal. From its aroma to its aesthetic appeal, there are multiple aspects to the food that we enjoy. For example, when we’re at a fast food giant, it’s hard to resist the smell of freshly baked French fries. The scent of crunchy, salty French fries is now a limited-edition fragrance for Valentine’s Day. Don’t believe us? Take a look and see for yourself:

The fragrance was introduced as a limited edition collectible for Valentine’s Day by the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC). It’s called ‘Frites by Idaho’, and it’s said to be mystifying fragrance Inspired by the irresistible smell of French fries. The launch of the unique fragrance also coincides with the National Potato Lovers Month. Read the caption to the post: “Uniquely crafted with a blend of essential oils and distilled Idaho potatoes, this fragrance will invite memories of luscious days.” The 50ml bottle is sold at just Rs. 142.

According to a statement on IPC’s websiteA pre-release survey was conducted by Pollfish. It found that nearly 90% of Americans find the smell of French fries irresistible. “Whether you’re on a drive through a restaurant or eating inside, it’s nearly impossible not to have a fry and a bite before you dive into your meal. The smell is too good to resist,” explained Jamie Higham, President and CEO. “This fragrance is a great gift for anyone who can’t refuse French fries.”

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French fries were the essence of this limited edition fragrance.

A number of Instagram users shared their comments on fried potato Perfume. One user wrote “I need this in my life” while another said, “April Fools’ Day is still weeks away!” Others liked the idea of ​​food-based perfumes that sold out quickly; They wrote, “Wow – what a great concept!!!”

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