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Western Canada is on high alert as some areas reach -50C

Western Canada is on high alert as some areas reach -50C

Most parts of western Canada will not rest from freezing temperatures until the weekend, as icy Arctic winds envelop the area and reduce temperatures.

The Canadian environment says most parts of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, along with parts of Manitoba and Ontario, are still under severe cold warning, with freezing temperatures dropping to -50 C in some areas.

Environment Canada says the icy Arctic winds that surround southern Saskatchewan will not subside until the weekend.

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There is a severe cold warning in western Canada

The Meteorological Agency predicts extreme temperatures of -40 C to -45 C in most parts of Alberta.

It states that the coldest air temperature in Vancouver will be close to -20 C or lower as Arctic winds blow over the region.

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Environment Canada says winds in Vancouver will be moderate throughout the day on Wednesday as temperatures rise.

BC Hydro reported that very low temperatures in many parts of the province led to a new record for peak power demand from 5pm to 6pm on Monday.

“Most of the increase may be due to the extra heat needed this winter,” spokeswoman Simi Heer said in a statement.

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Cold causes disaster in Alberta vehicles

Cold causes disaster in Alberta vehicles

The demand for electricity has reached an all-time high of 10,902 MW, which is higher than the previous record of 10,577 MW last year.

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He said the record reflects a time when electricity demand was high.

The Alberta Electric Systems operator, which manages the provincial power grid, announced an energy emergency alert Monday night, explaining in a social media post that severe weather could affect some production facilities.

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He asked people to turn off the lights in their holiday homes in advance, but said normal network conditions had resumed in the evening.

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