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What is the best starter item for souvenir in the Elden Ring?  • Eurogamer.net

What is the best starter item for souvenir in the Elden Ring? • Eurogamer.net

What element would you choose for your research?

souvenir back to starting element You will choose at the beginning elden ring.

There is a range of Keepsakes cards to choose from, such as a golden pillwhich enhances your sacred beaker, and the ashes of the Fang-tipped Goblin – one of many Summon Soul Ash throughout the match.

Keepsakes offers a useful boost, especially in the early stages of the game, so it is important that you choose the right game for your playing style. To help you make that decision, we cover What is the best starter souvenir item in the Elden Ring less.

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Elden ring review

Elden Ring memorabilia list

In the Elden Ring, you will be asked to choose one of 10 souvenirs after making your selection chapter start. This includes an option not You have a souvenir, though, so we only recommend picking this one if you have experience with previous Souls titles and want a challenge.

Each souvenir offers a different feature; With some of them lasting throughout playtime, while others have limited uses.

Here are 10 memorabilia and the benefits associated with them:

souvenir Effect
magic branch Five sacred branches charged with deception. It is said to have originated from the half-god Mikila.
boiled shrimp Five boiled lobster meat. It reinforces the denial of physical harm.
cracked pot Three strange, cracked pots somehow repair themselves. A container for specific items that have been thrown.
Scarlet Amber Medal Medallion inlaid with reddish amber pieces. Increases maximum health.
Fanged Imp Ashes Ashes of the tiny little golem. The ashes are said to carry spirits within them.
golden pill A golden seed washed ashore from the land in between. It is said to strengthen the sacred flasks.
The lands between Run And the gold of grace shines in the eyes of the people of the lands between them. Use to get many runes.
no one No remembrance. The past has been well and truly abandoned.
Will Shbrery The insane likeness of Nabil crushed his eyes. Attracts enemies’ aggression.
Stonesword key Two sword-shaped keys. He pierces the puck’s seal, but shatters in the process.
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When choosing a souvenir, it is important to take into account your character building and what you want to focus on in the early stages of the game.

If you’d like more advice on choosing the right Keepsake for you, follow along…

Which souvenir to choose? Best Starter Souvenir Items

Our recommendation for The best souvenir is a golden seed. This will give you additional use of the flask – either to restore HP or FP – and at the beginning of the game, survival is critical.

Although there are many golden seed sites They can be found all over the Elden Ring, while many of them require a little exploration first – and in terms of giving you an edge right at the start of the game, there are a few better options on your list.


The Crimson Amber Medallion is a good option to increase HP while wearing it – however, you can find one of the nearby Dragon-Burnt ruins (south of the lake southeast of the starting position).

The Ash Fanged ImpIn the meantime, it’s a good idea if you want a summon to distract enemies in early battles. However, Ashes are reasonably common rewards, especially in early side dungeons, and this is another item you can spot in the world, albeit somehow along the critical path (specifically, the gates of Raya Lucaria Academy).


The only other item worth highlighting is the Stonesword Key. This is an item that can unlock specific locks throughout the game, and it’s rather uncommon. for us Stonesword Home Sites It can give you some straightforward places to find some fairly, however, unlike golden seeds, getting one straight doesn’t give you much of an advantage.

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In fact, it may mislead you; You can use one in the opening crypts, before you head out in the Limgrave, which takes you to the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, a dungeon so tough you won’t want to get out of the portal. No, there is nothing particularly rare or useful that you can quickly loot and move forward from either!