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Working in Mexican Canada: What are the requirements

Working in Mexican Canada: What are the requirements

Jobs Canada It is constantly being sought by hundreds of people around the world, including Mexicans who have found an alternative to join this country. The world of work.

If you are determined to try your luck in another country, we have good news for you: Canada You are looking for Mexican people who want to work in the country for about three months. Offers published by the Employment Portal Secretary of Labor and Social Security, So they are completely reliable.

One of the main advantages of these jobs is that they do not require any language command and it is only necessary to have the requested documents. Canada To travel and work in the country.

Are you interested? Ann Goals We tell you what the vacancies are, what the requirements are, and how you can apply.

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Crustacean and Mollusc processor

This offer is part of a temporary vacancy and has a 3 month grace period. The receiving cities are El Etong-du-Nord, Grande-Entre and Quebec, of which 30 seats will be distributed, with no age limit or preferred gender.

Applicants must have completed secondary education with two years of experience in the field and, preferably, a basic level of English.

Working hours are 40 to 60 hours per week, and the salary transfer rate is approximately 11.07 Canadian dollars or 176.56 Mexican pesos per hour.

Among the tasks to be completed by the selected applicants, according to the employment portal:

– Cleaning of work areas and used equipment.

– Download the products and give a presentation for the next packaging.

– Packaging label and supervision.

It is necessary to go to the National Employment Service offices for more details. You can check Here Very close to your home.

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Tax worker

The offer lasts for three months in Saint-Georges and Quebec, and is limited to six vacancies.

To apply for this vacancy, there is no established scale of studies or age or gender preference. Minimum experience in this field and only the documents required to go to Canada are required.

Salary 46 thousand 700 Mexican pesos, 40 hours working day per week; Transportation costs will be borne by the working company and will be paid by the accommodation workers.

Some of the tasks for this job described in the job portal are:

– Cleaning and inspecting machines.

– Maintenance that contributes to increased productivity and efficiency.

– Ability to handle machines and forklifts.

The provisional start date is August 2021, and it is necessary to go to the National Employment Service offices to apply, or by calling 800 841 2020 to obtain additional information about the selection process.

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Employment Portal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and National Employment Service They are constantly updating their job bank. So if you want to work Canada Or any other country, we recommend that you continue to consult the page and keep track of offers that you find attractive.

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