June 23, 2024


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World Cup Canada falls against Honduras rain

World Cup Canada falls against Honduras rain

Canada Chan was shocked by the downpour Peter Sula Y Honduras He gave a great bell when he returned to the path of victory CONCACAF defeated them 2-1 in the Nations League.

After losing the leadership of the C group Hondurans They were preparing to restore it at home before their arrival With maple leaf. A fighting problem was a problem for those led by the Englishman John Hertman due to the difference in weather.

Canada Despite the absence of Jonathan David, Alfonso Davis, who was on the bench, jumped on the field with his many figures that he recovered in “11”. Bayern Munich To deal with his heart problems.

Honduras exited with more rotations in the opening eleven as they were lined up with local champion Mottagua’s base due to the absence of two European forwards.

The game started off very tight because the dampness of the pitch sometimes made the ball roll further and sometimes a puddle stopped it, minutes later, CF Montreal player Rommel opened the scoring with a goal from Kevin Lopez in Hondurans 13 ‘. In one play, Kyoto points to Richie Laria as a suspect in self-defense.

Humid conditions of the pitch

These moments were looking for balance on the Canadian side, but for the locals as they got used to the terrain they based their game on looking for separated balls and long services that did not change their path. Unlike the football created by the tournament team the water was low and the ground was badly damaged due to the puddles.

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Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula

Except for the goal in the first half, we only saw 3 bookings for the Canadian team. Here is an example of the difficulties of a wet playground, especially for the Canadian team players, on the other hand when goalkeeper Luis “Buppa” Lopez also slipped while destroying a ball.

In the second 45 ‘Canada Jonathan David, Mark Anthony Kaye and Sail Lorin entered with the intention of getting at least one point from a complicated arrival, with Kevin Arriaga finishing at 78’ against the local team to have the opposite effect. Canadian goalkeeper Milan Porgen’s weird definition of Kamal Miller’s Defender Jacket 4 thanks to the rain that left it on the ground.

Jonathan David, 8 minutes later, gave life to his team with a pass from Lorraine, who entered the second half as usual with a field goal accomplice joining the game ending in a goal.

By the end of the game, the Canadians were close to a draw, however, shortly before Alistair Johnston received a red card for the accumulation, some fans stopped the invading game on the field for several minutes, causing complaints from footballers. The Canadians, who will be in contact with Guatemala’s referee Mario Escobar, will give the Canadian team up to 5 yellow cards before calling for the final whistle.

Honduras have not beaten Canada since the 2016 World Cup qualifiers, and they are in the group stage with 6 points per game, with the Cattrochos having a second game against the Canadians already a tough visit to the BMO Field in Toronto. The outcome of the pending match between Canada and Curaao in March 2023 is pending, with Diego Vasquez winning on the men’s team and having played in the first edition of the “Final Four”. League of Nations.