February 25, 2024


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Xbox Live recovers from outage of several hours

Xbox Live recovers from outage of several hours

The Xbox Live outage has prevented some players from playing cloud games, playing digital games, and making purchases from its store. The issues started around 4 PM ET on Saturday night and weren’t resolved until early Sunday morning.

“Gamers shouldn’t have issues anymore when it comes to making purchases, playing games, or joining Cloud Gaming sessions,” Xbox Support He said in a tweet. “Thank you for your patience. Happy games!”

This latest string of issues followed a massive outage that extended for several hours Friday night into Saturday morning. Some players were unable to start Cloud Gaming sessions, play digital games, make purchases, or even access streaming apps including Netflix and Disney Plus.

Although the Xbox It seemed to solve these problemsIt appears that issues with its store, digital titles, and cloud gaming resurfaced Saturday night. Players should be able to Currently playing games During an outage with their Xbox set as home consoleHowever, Some mentioned That Xbox still prompts them to sign in to play their own games. as my colleague Tom Warren points this outThis issue calls attention to Microsoft’s DRM policy that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to play digital games purchased offline.

Update, May 7 5:45 PM ET: Updated to add that restarting the Xbox console may help resolve some issues.

Update, May 8 8:18AM ET: Updated to reflect that the outage has been resolved, adding some additional information for context surrounding Microsoft’s DRM policy.