May 24, 2024


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Yamil promised that Peralta would be surprised in Canada

Yamil promised that Peralta would be surprised in Canada

Yamil Peralta is finalizing the details of the most important journey of his career, and on the last day of the demanding sparring, he announced that he was preparing to surprise everyone.

In the WBC Cruiserweight World Cup Eliminator, Del Viso Fighter will face Ryan Rosicki of Canada on May 7.

“They’re going to see the new things we’ve been working on with the team. They will be amazed at the broadcast,” Yamil Ayr de Sabato (FM Plaza 92.1) announced in a chat.

Perralda sparked this weekend demanding a knockout like Brian Suarez (WBO Latin Champion) to deal with the force behind Rosicrucian.

“It’s a tough challenge, but I think we’re ready,” he said. “My competitor is very strong. He won all his fights by knockout, he is very tough, he throws very strong hands, but he reveals himself. I look a little slower than myself, my thing is speed, ”he warned.

“Almost all of my fights are long. As the rounds go on, I grow. I go from Minor to Major, he goes from Major to Minor. That might be a good thing for me. I am ready to face whatever comes, it will be my hardest fight for now, ”he ruled.

Production began with a strong pre-season at Mar del Plata, where they worked their feet in the sand without ever reducing the intensity.

“No rest, he trained every day, with rain, in all weather conditions. We went out for a run, we sported,” Yamil highlighted.

After Pilar and his team returned to the gym in Malvinas, it was sparring with the usual two shifts and three consecutive rivals.

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“I’m going to go around 3 or 4 rounds and change and put in another 4-5 rounds. I’m been sparking a lot for this fight,” said the current Argentine, Latin and South American champion, who dreams of winning the Cruisers World.

“My dream is to be a world champion. That’s when I started, and I became a boxer. I chased my dreams. It may or may not come out, but one thing I have is that I am not going to stop trying, “he assured.