April 17, 2024


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Yankees win 10th in a row behind Jaliber Torres

Yankees win 10th in a row behind Jaliber Torres

TORONTO – There was no fanfare as the Yankees reached Rogers Center on Monday, carrying the Majors’ longest winning streak in their back pockets. The Blue Jays present a lot of challenge, a battle for first place in Eastern American League These numbers will continue throughout the season.

But they should evaporate a little by now. This last tour went to visitors: Jaleber Torres The performance of the three RBI was capped by batting Tim Lucastro With the green light in the ninth inning, helping the Yankees celebrate their 10th straight win with a 3-2 win over the Blue Jays in Toronto.

“It’s special,” Torres said. “Every time I do small things and help my team win, that is great for me. I just take every opportunity I have and try to do my best for the team.”

It’s already been an eventful season for Torres, at times the odd man in a busy mix and still working to raise his numbers after a slow start. The player continues to show promising signs of late; Torres hit the two-running homer in the fourth inning—just like the decisive hit—travelled into the opposite field.

“It was a really good win against a really good team,” said coach Aaron Boone. “In that spot over there, when Gleyber is at his best.”

Sure, the Blue Jays did, but they couldn’t stop Locastro, who successfully moved into the scoring position by breaking through Garcia’s fourth court in front of Josh Donaldson.

“It’s fun, but I’m not in that position without Giancarlo taking a hit and then Gleiber getting another hit, and our staff keeps us going every game,” Locastro said. “It’s a complete team effort, and the team wins throughout this entire stretch.”

Locastro is right that the No. 10 win was another example of how this Yankees club managed to win victories in different ways – after a high-octane home where they mostly outperformed the Guardians and Orioles, the Americans tried their hand at some little things. Ball during the polishing of the royal family’s weekend in Kansas City. This proved to be a good practice for their arrival in Toronto.

“Here in May, we’re trying to get as many wins as possible,” Boone said. “Anytime you play well and play a two-player game, it counts a little bit more – especially with a team that you think you might be competing against for something else. That counts doubly.”

Although left Jordan Montgomery He got some long-awaited support, and had to settle for his fourth resolution of the year. Bo Bichette and Matt Chapman scored hits in the fourth inning off Montgomery, who worked over five innings, scattering six hits.

The highlight of Montgomery’s effort came when Stanton grabbed a massive jump against the right field wall in the second half, stealing Chapman with an extra base kick.

“Off the bat,” Montgomery said, “I was like, ‘I can’t let him shoot him that way.’” I thought for sure it was Homer, and then Stanton pulled it off. It was really a good play.”

The Yankees won 17 of 23 games for the eighth time in franchise history. The club has won the World Championship on five of the previous seven occasions (1928, 32, 39, 58 and 98).

“We were happy; we are on the same page now,” Torres said. “Mentally speaking, just keep doing that and keep winning as many games as possible.”