July 24, 2024


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வீ University Weekly to win national team and face Canada in the quarterfinals

வீ University Weekly to win national team and face Canada in the quarterfinals

The Costa Rican football team defeated its opponent Jamaica 1-0 for the Gold Cup and secured play against Canada in the quarterfinals.

In the most difficult match of the group stage, the Costa Rica men’s football team defeated Jamaica 1-0 in the Orlando Xperia, confirming their rival Canada in the quarterfinals; The Caribbean will play against the United States.

After playing the first two minutes and waiting more than two hours to finish the rest, the national team had hot issues again and survived the first half of Jamaica’s mini-race with little damage, due to incompetence. Caribbean or luck.

In danger, not much was shown and goalkeeper Dillon was a fan with very close access to Barnes Court.

However, at the dawn of the second half, the national team started with a new vigor, with Geisher Fuller stealing the ball in midfield enough to put Ariel Laceter and him Brian Ruiz in the lead.

Then, a centerman who cut down David Guzman had to go outside the area to catch the ball with his hands in order to reduce Lionel Morera, so he had to earn his exit, which further aggravated Patrick Sequeira’s injury, leaving only one goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado. However, he managed to have a quiet night and zero.

CRC: Lionel Morera, Yale Lopez (Ronald Maderita, 75), Giancarlo Gonzalez, Oscar Duarte, Geyser Fuller, Alan Cruz (Celso Borges, 65), David Guzman, Brian Ruiz (Johann Venicas, 65), Alonso (74) Joel Campbell and Ariel Laciter (Jefferson Prince, 85 ′) DT: Luis Fernando Suarez.

Jam: Dillon Barnes, O’Neill Fisher, Damien Lowe, Adrian Mariappa, Kemar Lawrence (Amary Bell, 60), Daniel Johnson (Liam Moore, 81,), Devon Williams, Direk Magee (Lamar Walker, 81 ′), Blair Durkot (Shamer Nickel,) 66 ′), Andre Gray (Corey Burke, 66 ′) Y Jr. Flemings. DT: Theodore Whitmore.

Goal: 1-0 (53): Ruiz, with a title. Referees: Mario Escobar (GUA), Caleb Wales (DYT), Miguel Hernandez (Max), Diego Montano (Max), Arturo Cruz (Max) and Armando Villarreal (USA). Advised: Fisher (Jam). Expelled: Morera (CRC). Xperia Orlando Stadium. Incidents: The game, scheduled for 5 p.m., had to be suspended after two minutes due to thunderstorms. The night started again until 7:15 p.m.