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Common Mistakes Colombians Make When Applying for Residence in Canada, According to Immigration Advisor

Migrating to another country is one of the dreams of Colombians looking for a better future, and more Canada is one of the highest ranking countries. However, immigration processes require patience, preparation and good advice.

Following an attempt to immigrate to the United States due to poor legal process, Colombian Vanessa Cortes lived in Canada for a few years, not realizing she was from anywhere in the world. But after gaining his home in that country, he now began a professional career Dedicated to preventing people from going into a “traumatic” deportation process like yours. Through the Gentium Immigration and Canadian Immigration Office, this Colombian prepares those interested in any immigration process for positive outcomes.

Infopa Colombia He spoke with Cortez about his own history and the most important recommendations for those who want to live in North America:

How was your visit to Canada?

Vanessa: I came here 15 years ago with my mom, my dad and sister. We first came to the United States, but we had an immigration process that failed due to bad advice from a lawyer who did not do what he was supposed to do, We were deported from the United States. My mom wanted to go upstairs and look the other way, that option was Canada, so we came to Canada in 2004 after all the bad experiences with the United States.

What are the feelings one has when one is in a situation of deportation?

V: Including deportation Feeling homeless, without ownership, without stability, without family and you will lose back what you have already lost, The little permanence or naturalness you had. It causes a lot of adaptation issues and emotionally you no longer want to be associated with anyone because you think you are going to miss it no matter what kind of relationship you develop. I did not realize a part of this country until I got my residence, and when I got it I thought about studying and living.

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Do you think this experience has led you to specialize in helping people who want to immigrate to Canada, both before and after obtaining your residency?

V: At first I never thought I was going to work in immigration, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer who wanted to study law. Immigration was so hard for me, I didn’t want to deal with someone else’s emotions, look at them suffering the same way, But one of my first jobs as a professional was in the immigration law office, and I began to learn about the different stages of the immigration process. When I saw that suffering was unlikely and that I could provide for it, I fell in love with the fact that a family could avoid so much discomfort and pain.

Now I love the immigration process and since my parents were dentists in Colombia I am focused on helping their career harmonize so they can never train without advice. Part of my job with Gentium is to be able to provide complete advice, not just an immigration document, because there is so much more to life than just getting a residence. Gentium was born with the intention of opening the doors so that people could exercise using what they had already read in what they had already invested time in learning.

We are a large team of Colombians, Mexicans, Chinese from the largest part of the world, and we are working towards the same goal: to make the dream of many come true. We want to make the homosexual sector more robust and cover up many more industries to help different professionals from all countries.

Vanessa Cortez is the founder and immigration consultant of Gentium Immigration in Canada.
Vanessa Cortez is the founder and immigration consultant of Gentium Immigration in Canada.

What are the points to keep in mind for those who want to immigrate to Canada?

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V: Make a good plan, this is the best thing you can do with your family. Understanding that Canada is an English and French speaking country, we need to start adapting from our country and then we should start learning in our country. Check your migration routes, There are many immigration programs that allow you to come with residency, There are processes that can be experienced within the country. In Canada, in order to move to a residence, they usually start with a survey, Also known as the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and Canada This allows some businesses to enter a little easier with a job offer from an employer.

Do not be guided by assumptions in Canada You can’t exercise, you have to start fresh because we have to change that view because Latin people don’t come to clean, Latinos have incredible skills, some profiles are the education of some people I see every day and my plan is to train them to come to it, exercise and They synchronize their lives.

Are there more suitable professionals than others to get residency?

V: Residence is not a business, if you meet certain requirements, they will provide your residence if you do it the right way. There are specific jobs that require work permits under a free trade agreement, such as interior design, graphic design, all types of engineering and any construction industry, but this type of contract is because Canada and Colombia decided that these types of professionals could enter.

What are the most common mistakes people make when requesting an immigration process, and why is it important to go for immigration counseling?

V: For a temporary visa, they say they want to stay in the country, they will not give it to you, you have to show that you want to return to your country. The most common mistake is to find out how easy it is to falsify documents or do illegal things, which can cost you up to 5 to 10 years in which you cannot come to Canada. My advice is to be honest, be frank, make a good plan and consider what you are using; If I want residence, I must convince them to love me, and if I am in the process of financing my husband or wife, I must show that my relationship is serious.

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The importance of getting advice lies in not making mistakes, because people sometimes avoid information because a friend said it or they thought it was inappropriate or because they give you 5 years permission.

There is a lot of talk about cases of people falling into kidnapping or fraud networks and how to find them.

V: The most important thing is to think that they are not giving that benefit much. Anything that seems free and easy is never free, it is always expensive. If they charge you for a job, forget it in Canada No employer is going to charge you, we are talking about a process for studying or coming to work, be careful if they give it to you for free. This is a matter of logic, if they say you will get your work permit in 4 weeks, it is not so; Or they will give you accommodation in 3 months and nothing will work like that.

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