April 24, 2024


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Health officials say there are 51 cases of Omicron BA. 2 variants were found in Canada

Fifty-one cases a New Omicron sub variantKnown as BA. 2, was diagnosed in Canada, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

But according to Dr. Rob Cossack, a medical microbiologist at Sunnybrook Hospital, the alarm bells are ringing too soon.

“Now (BA. 2) there is no data to suggest that it is more malignant or worse (than previous variants),” Dr. Kozak said. “This is the stage of careful waiting.”

The Omicron variant, or B1.1.529, includes descendants of BA. 1, B.A. 1.1, AB. 2 and B.A. 3, according to the investigation conducted The World Health Organization (WHO) monitors the types of SARS-CoV-2.

Not named WHO BA. 2 is a “anxiety variant”, yet it is being monitored by scientists around the world. Licensed in letters. 2 found in at least 40 countries, including the United States, but more common in Asia and Europe.

In Denmark, B.A. Covid-19 cases, which were 20 percent 2 weeks ago, fell to 45 percent 2 in mid-January, according to the Statues Serum Institute, which reports to the Danish Ministry of Health.

Initial analysis by scientists in that country showed that there was no difference in hospital admissions to AB. Compared to the original Omicron variant 2. Scientists still have B.A. 2 and how well current vaccines and treatments work against it.

This variation is also observed in Canada.

“The Government of Canada is aware that vaccination, in conjunction with public health and personal activities, is important in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, while the effects of all types in Canada are constantly monitored,” the PHAC said.

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Licensed in letters. 2 is considered more plagiaric than the original Omicron version because some genetic traits make it a bit harder to detect. Some scientists fear it could be even more contagious.

However, many are unknown, including whether vaccines against BA are less effective. 2 or if it causes very severe symptoms.

The PHAC said in a statement to Stark that there was “very little evidence at present” about the impact of the differences between the BAs. 1 and B.A. May take 2.

Licensed in letters. Gives some differences with 2 BA. 1, including some mutations that may affect transmission, diagnosis, and “immune survival potential,” the PHAC said.

“(Government of Canada) continues to work with international partners, including the World Health Organization (WHO) to better understand these differences and their impact.”

Although vaccines are less effective in preventing Omigran infection, they certainly protect against serious illness, says Dr. Cossack said.

“It will be the same for this variation,” he said.

If Omicron had spread before mass vaccination efforts, the country would be in a different situation now. “We are very lucky to get the vaccines and our vaccination rate is high,” he said.

Dr. Cossack said Omicron and its derivatives often pose the same risk to those who have not been vaccinated or to those who have not been vaccinated, as they do to all other COVID-19 vaccines, even though a significant portion of the population is vaccinated.

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