July 15, 2024


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A Canadian city was transformed into ‘Jack’s Strange World’ for Halloween

A Canadian city was transformed into ‘Jack’s Strange World’ for Halloween

“It’s Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!” A city in Canada has used ceremonies to recreate a part of ‘Jack from the Strange World’. Look at the photos.

Blessed time We can eat Bon de Murto, prepare dead day offerings and costumes for Halloween. Although Mexican experts at the festival, two recent photos went viral, including the town of Woodruil-Dorian, near Canada. Became the city of Halloween Jack is a strange world (Image you can see Disney Plus) Celebrate Halloween.

The character was published by the national media NARCITY / Ottawa as part of proposals to celebrate Halloween in the Canadian capital. The authors advise you to take into account that it will be Certification of your vaccine is required to view gravity, Consult an official tour guide and plan your visit for amenities.

The tourism center was the responsibility of the city council, especially the workers of the urban forestry and horticulture division of the public works department. “While Halloween is quietly capturing Vodruil-Dorian, a scene from the movie The Strange World of Jack was actually recreated on the corner of Avenue Saint-Charles and Semin Paul-Goren-Lajoy!”, It reads in the city council’s official Facebook post.

We are not going to go into that ridiculous debate about when it is right to look Jack is a strange worldChristmas or Halloween is the perfect picture Mood Gothic or family ceremonies. If you want to revisit this story, we have good news: it’s available here Disney Plus!


Jack is a strange world One of Disney’s most popular animated products that tells the story of a living pumpkin that worships Halloween until the discovery of Christmas. This is the perfect choice to escape from the world of princesses, thanks to Tim Burton and Herney Celick instead. Available exclusively on the list Disney Plus!

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