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Study in Canada: Four Recommendations for Successful Immigration |  Culture

Study in Canada: Four Recommendations for Successful Immigration | Culture

According to a recent Times World University report on higher education, 2021, The best is 30 , And most of them have programs designed for international students.

Canadian companies offer a variety of educational programs for the benefit of foreign students; One of them is called co-op, which allows The student can undertake courses and professional practices before completing his career. There is also the Pathway program, which allows the candidate to reach the required language level and can be admitted to a home

While there are many benefits, it is important for the person concerned to consider the requirements for successful migration. For this reason, Carla Martinez, General Manager The Chamber of Commerce Canada offers four tips for studying in North America.

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Learn about the country

Canada is a country that will amaze anyone soon. However, this is necessary The person concerned knows the cost of living in Canada, Depending on the needs of your profile, decide which city to relocate to, the profession and specialties to study and the labor market you may choose.

Taking into account these basic features, one can better combine their budget together to travel and stay and plan everything they can do in their new home city. Another important thing is to know the Canadian research programs for which you can approach an academic consultant who can provide additional information tailored to each profile and interest.

Required Documents and Procedures

As it is a common trip, it is essential that the passport is valid. This, together with one Letter of acceptance from one of the programs This will make the visa process much easier. On the other hand, other required documents are certificates for secondary or higher courses, postgraduate courses and international certificates in English or French (TOEFL, IELTS or DALF).

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It should be noted that these documents must be translated by a certified translator. This is with the intention that they should be better investigated by the authorities of that country.

Define visa

Although it is best to opt for a study visa, it is highly recommended Analyzes the curriculum to be studied and the time it will take. Therefore, if the courses are only in languages ​​with 6 months, a tourist visa should be requested. On the other hand, if they are planning to stay longer or the person is traveling with a family, they should opt for a student visa, which will extend the length of their stay and in turn allow them to travel with their spouse and dependent children. .

At this last stage, the North American country allows couples to obtain an open work visa, which allows them to work effortlessly within the city where they are, while children under the age of 18 can continue their studies at the Public Education Center. It should be noted that Canada is also among the 10 countries with the best education system in the world, according to the International Student Assessment Program (PISA).

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Lean on trusted companies

While the Internet is a good resource in this regard, it is worth noting that there are immigration consultations for interested parties, which allow them to learn firsthand all about the country’s migration policies and laws. Canadian Immigration Law is a subject that is constantly being updated, so just like education counselors, it is important to know about immigration counselors certified by the Canadian government to learn more about immigration issues such as visas, work permits and permanent residency. .

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These experts will provide personal support around the candidate’s skills and possibilities. Likewise, they will provide detailed information on more than 60 programs available in Canada and options for obtaining a permanent permanent residence in North America.

The Big Business Association of Canada has been supporting the successful migration of Peruvian citizens to North America. For more information on Canadian education opportunities and immigration information, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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