July 24, 2024


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A “dangerous and historic” heat wave is triggering thermometers in Canada and the northwestern United States

A “dangerous and historic” heat wave is triggering thermometers in Canada and the northwestern United States

Canada and the northwestern United States are affected “Extreme heat wave” It breaks historic temperature records, according to Ruben del Combo, a spokeswoman for the State Meteorological Agency, according to Canadian government data. They arrived in Lytton, British Columbia, this Sunday. 46,6 Degrees centigrade (ºC).

This is, according to a spokesman, a temperature Exceeds previous national record by 1.6ºC, It was recorded in 1937 with 45ºC. Precisely because Spain is farther south than Canada, the official maximum temperature record was 46.9ºC, which reached C கோrdoba on July 13, 2017, three-tenths higher than this Sunday’s record in the North American country. “This is very important information”, Del combo commented.

In addition, the US National Weather Service has classified this heat wave “Historical and Dangerous” And mentioned that cities like this Sunday In Portland o Seattle Won their previous record Maximum temperature, Since they reached 43ºC y 40ºC Broke a record that existed 84 years ago, respectively, according to officials. Also, according to Seattle’s local media, they reached 42.2 degrees this Monday, the highest level over the weekend.

“They are almost temperature Twenty degrees higher than normal, In parts of Oregon, Washington and Idaho, with temperatures hovering between twenty-five and thirty degrees above normal this Monday and Tuesday. They are very, very high values. “Del Combo explained that it is still necessary to carry out character studies to find relationships with them. Climate change, But this is very clear, because the probability of extreme heat events of the same magnitude occurring around the world today is increasing and much higher than in previous decades.

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The heat is coming to Spain

However, it said the frequency of heat waves in Spain has been increasing over the past decade. In particular, the number of heat waves in the decade from 2011 to 2020 doubled the number of heat waves recorded in previous decades. In this context, he explained, the week would end with temperatures, although in Spain the heat was “going to tighten”. “Very high” Especially in the East, Reaching “values” as in North America is “not expected.”