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Congress of Canada bans “alternative therapies” for the first time |  International

Congress of Canada bans “alternative therapies” for the first time | International

Flags of Trans and LGDP Pride in front of the Ottawa (Canada) Parliament in 2017.Chris Watti / Reuters

The House of Commons in Canada passed a bill to ban the so-called “alternative therapies” that promise to impose gender equality on LGBT people. C-6 Initiative – Presented by Justice Minister David Lametti and Minister for Diversity and Admissions Partish Sagar in October 2020 – Much talked about election promises Justin Trudeau The bill was approved in the third reading by a vote of 263-63. All the votes against came from conservative places; Opposition leader Erin O’Dwyer spoke in support of the new Democratic Party, the Quebec Black Party and the Greens.

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“There is no room for alternative therapies CanadaPrime Minister Trudeau wrote on Twitter. “Although more than half of the Conservatives voted against our bill, which seeks to criminalize this harmful and degrading practice, the House approved it. We will always defend the rights of LGBTIQ + Canadians.” Imposes. Great against his will, Get paid or advertise in exchange for these services. The maximum sentence is up to five years in prison.

Initiative C-6 defines these treatment modalities, which aim to transform a person’s sexual orientation into gender, to suppress or reduce non-sexual attraction or behavior, or to modify a person’s gender identity to match the gender assigned at birth. . According to a study Center for Social Research (based in Vancouver) and published in the journal earlier this month PLOS One, 21% of respondents from sexual minorities reported attempts to change their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. 10% indicated that they had experienced these treatments.

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The authors estimate that there are more than 50,000 Canadians Subject to these procedures. Travis Salve, a professor at Simon Fraser University and editor-in-chief of the lecture, argued that the so-called “alternative therapies” were associated with “significant psychological harm” and, therefore, were “degraded by many medical and psychological systems.”

The Canadian Senate will conclude its work on Friday night. Senators are likely to give the green light to the C-6 initiative so that it can then receive state approval. Otherwise, the legislature may reopen its doors on September 20 and reopen it. However, if the call for a referendum comes before autumn, the plan runs the risk of extinction, which is likely to sound louder in the country.

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