June 23, 2024


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Action in Canada: Boomas Seven in Vancouver – Diorio El Ciudadano and Region

Action in Canada: Boomas Seven in Vancouver – Diorio El Ciudadano and Region

Boomas Seven: Participate in the Vancouver Tournament with a mix of experience and youth. Credit: UAR Press

After finishing fifth in the Singapore Sevens, Las Poomas 7 continues the trend of challenges on the Sevens World Circuit, and now it will be the turn of Canada’s Vancouver competition, the sixth leg of the 2022 Sevens World Series. Organized for the seventh time since the creation of the World Round. The match will be broadcast by Star +.

Next Saturday, at their presentation at Seven in Vancouver, Las Poomas 7 will face their opponent France (age 13), who they have lost in the last five matches. In the second match for Group D, the team led by Santiago Gomez Cora will face Scotland (4:11 pm) and at the end of the qualifying round, the opponent will be Ireland (7:44 pm).

In addition to Las Poomas 7, the Argentine Vancouver Sevens will have another representative, who will be part of the jury, who was born in La Plata: Neuen Jari Rivero. The match in Vancouver was first added to the calendar in 2016, and it was a match played six times (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021) that the Argentine team could never. Access to the stage (he did not participate in 2021). They finished 6th in the 2017 tournament and lost 17-14 to New Zealand in the match for 5th place.

Playing five matches this season, South Africa tops the world rankings with 98 points; Argentina and Australia share second place with 83 points, followed by the United States (67 points), Ireland (63 points), France (54 points) and Fiji (46 points).

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“We had an equal, complex area,” said Boomas 7 coach Santiago Gomez Cora. Credit: UAR Press

Gomez inspected the Cora group

According to head coach Santiago Gomez Cora, the focus is on players’ wear and tear, and he described it as a priority: It is true that it is very difficult to go the other way to Vancouver in 16 hours now, so we focused on trying to recover from the fatigue of the first weekend, because honestly, these changes and wear and tear are like playing another match. At that point we were not clean.

“Competitors? We had an equal share, complex and very good teams. France is a competitor, it always complicates us, wherever they are in the rankings; He has already shown that he can play better. I think he will be the best competitor in the team, “said the coach of the selected team.

Gaston Revol and his experience

Ahead of his 86th participation in world circuit conditions, Cordoba’s Gaston Revoll observed: “The most important thing in the days leading up to the new competition is to make a comeback, to accommodate the change of time again, which is so comprehensive that we take care of it as fast as possible in the racing stage.” I think we have a very equal zone with our rivals, with teams we know somewhat, and they play well, but the most important thing is to focus on our game, to push ourselves, to grow out of the game and win all three games, ”said the Argentine captain.