July 15, 2024


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Argentina come to Canada and still take the lead and define the competition

Argentina come to Canada and still take the lead and define the competition

This Saturday afternoon in Spring, Philadelphia, USA, the Argentine men’s track hockey team played in the first round of the Pan American Championship, where a place for the 2022 World Cup in Belgium is in jeopardy.

In Argentina’s first quarter with Canada, a match started where Argentina were high, everything is played on the Canadian field, with only 7 minutes in the first half being the first short film to support the national team. This shot creates another narrow corner where the Canadian goalkeeper covers well. Argentina is the best of all and the match is played on the opponent’s field. At the end of that period, Argentina had a chance with Eliseu, but included the Canadian goalkeeper and ended the first quarter at zero.

Everything remains the same despite having two minutes in the narrow corner for Canada in the second quarter, but they make the mistake of it and lose the ball. One mistake is that Argentina are with a low player, playing 2 minutes with four players, 5 minutes later and back on the field with 5 players Argentina get 1 to 0 via Augustin Cephalos and the ball and Argentina control the game at least won.

This game in the third quarter is still a rhetoric from the first half where Argentina are high, but in 2 minutes Canada gets 1-1 in an isolated game. Elisequi is missing in 3 minutes, they show him a card, and Albicelestes has 2 minutes with a low player. Now with all the players on the court, the Argentine team continues to play everything on the Canadian field, but can not score another goal, there is a narrow corner for Canada at the end of the quarter and the Argentine goalkeeper closes it, finishing the quarter one by one.

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Finally, in the final period, 4 minutes and fraction, Canada is with a low player with 2 minutes and 3 minutes left, while Argentina is with a low player when they knock out Nahun Ayala. With 1:25 remaining, Argentina reach a narrow corner, the Canadian goalkeeper makes a superb card, turns into a man, he finishes the game 2-1 against Canada, and now this Saturday he will define second place with United in the final against Argentina this Sunday. Will play.