April 24, 2024


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“Educational Tourism”, The Growing Trend of Young Adults Aiming to Immigrate to Canada | Peru

A significant number of young Peruvians are looking for new alternatives to study in other countries and then obtain a residence visa, and Canada is one of the countries offering this facility.

Take This Experts’ Business Development Manager points out, Carla Cueto, When explaining that this option for studying and then obtaining a residence visa “Educational Tourism” It has been in significant demand for the past month.

In conversation with , The number of advisers offered up to June this year has increased by 120% compared to March.

“We have been providing advice twice a day for at least 400 interested people in the last four weeks,” he said. he said.

Canada is ranked as the best country to live in in the world in the ‘2021 Best Countries’ rankings, by the quality of life it provides and the social well-being that prevails in that country.

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Cueto explains that “educational tourism” operates in the following way. The student chooses Study for a university degree or postgraduate degree Including an MBA for a period in Canada For two years, Work is allowed during this period.

Upon completion of the courses, Canada allows Students can still be on post-study leave for three years In those three years You can apply for permanent residency.

“You can apply for permanent residency because you already have courses and you already have work experience in Canada. You are now fully eligible to apply for residency Most of them are given residence permits ”, Explained.

He also argued that the student could go to that country alone, But the whole family can go, Father or mother comes to study in that country.

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“Usually families go to Canada, and there are more women than men. Students can go alone, as well as whole families. Very rarely do fathers or mothers go first,” he said. In 95% of cases everyone wants to go together”, Referred to.

Many Peruvian families have already moved to Canada, interested in immigration and looking for a cheaper way to find work in that country, in this case, through research.


Requirements for studying in Canada, letter of acceptance from the Canadian institution where you are studying, bachelor’s degree, passport, application (CV), motivation letter and certificate of English language proficiency. Deolingo O IELTS (International English Language Testing Organization).

At this point, Cueto points out that students can fail if they fail one of these two exams. Study English online with a Canadian company Then no longer offer another choice of this language.

Similarly, having a travel bag is important, given its basic cost An average of U $$ 10,000 per year, In addition to the cost of the study. The cost of the study will vary depending on whether it takes place in a public school or a private school.

The student visa is processed once all these requirements are met.


In addition to Canada, other countries offering educational tourism are Spain and Germany