April 22, 2024


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After advancing 32 places in the FIFA rankings, the Canadians named the most advanced team

Canada, which has moved up 32 places to 40th in the FIFA rankings by 2021, has been named the “Most Advanced Area” of the year.

Canada’s men’s World Cup qualifiers and Gold Cup semi – final victory have been raised by FIFA rankings of 130.32 over the past 12 months.

Canada remains unchanged at 40th place in the December rankings released on Thursday. John Hertmann’s team climbed eight places on the November list.

In December 1996, the Canadian men also finished 40th. FIFA began ranking in 1992 and revised its ranking formula in 2018.

Canada started 72nd this year, but has risen steadily to 13-2-4, with Hertmann’s team finishing first in the final round of the World Cup in CONCACAF, which includes North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

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Alfonso Davis’s stunning goal against Canada and Panama in the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers

Forward Alfonso Davis scored with tremendous personal effort as Canada beat Panama 4-1 in their CONCACAF World Cup qualifier. 1:47

Canada lost to the United States and Mexico in the Gold Cup. This year, the Canadians won 55-11.

When Hertman took over as coach in January 2018, Canada was ranked 94th between Gabon and the Faroe Islands. The Canadian men were ranked 10th in the FIFA CONCACAF rankings, followed by Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Panama, Haiti, Honduras, Curaோao and Trinidad and Tobago.

Today they are third in the region, followed by the United States (No. 11) and Mexico (No. 14).

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In the table devastated by 2020, only 352 full international matches were played, the fewest since 1987 (323 matches), and the football world had plenty to catch. He has played in 1,116 matches this year, according to FIFA.

Top 10 Unchanged Locations,

Belgium beat Brazil by just 2.1 points for the fourth year in a row. France is in third place, followed by England, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Algeria, who won the Arab Cup, moved up three places to 29th in the new rankings.

Return to domain at the end of January

There have been 58 matches since the November list was released. Canada was inactive this month, but returned to action with World Cup qualifiers against Honduras, USA and El Salvador in the international window from January to February.

European champions Italy (plus-115.77 points), Copa America Argentina champions (plus-108.51 points) and Gold Cup champions, Americans (plus-103.51 points) saw overall growth in their points.

In February 2002, Canada moved up 20 places to 73rd and third in the Gold Cup. At that time, it was Canada’s largest ladder in world football, advancing 24 places and winning the 2000 Gold Cup. Total 61.

In June 2007, Canada moved up 38 places from 94 to 56 in the Gold Cup semi – finals, reaching 52nd the following month.

Canada was ranked 122nd in both August and October 2014.

The Canadian women, who won gold at the recent Tokyo Olympics, are currently ranked sixth in the FIFA rankings.