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Alfonso Davis, a refugee commanding a historically significant Canada

Alfonso Davis, a refugee commanding a historically significant Canada

“They didn’t talk much; They wanted us to be happy”, Remembered Alphonsa Davis In March 2021, When Chat with him New York Times I know I was wondering what those first five years in Pudupuram would be likeA Camp From Refugees The capital is located on the outskirts of Accra GhanaLike a non-existent chapter in the lives of their parents named Victoria and Debia.

The Memory From the left Bayern MunichOne of the best in that position in the world today, Seems Only I know that Active When I am already six years oldOnce Discovered in Windsor, OntarioFirst city Canada What a site Before From Settle On Edmonton; They never wanted him to know more about what had happened before, and he did not want to know more.

5,000 kilometers and two decades ago

In 1999 the Victoria Debia couple Davis She lived Restless In the city Monrovia, Capital From LiberiaDue to Threat From Violence What Was From Charles TaylorIn the year 1997Was Taken The Can Rumors began to spread from the north of the country that it was a group of rebels known by coercion LURDWas Taken The WeaponsWhich means The beginning Of Second Civil War In his country in just 13 years.

Violence soon came to his doorstep, so he was alone They had two options: escape or take up arms to join the gorillaSomething they were not ready to do, so they decided to leave the country.

“We had to cross dead bodies in search of food”, Recalled Victoria In statements taken by The Sun (August 2020): “This is very difficult and dangerous,” Debia explained, explaining how they decided to leave Monrovia.

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Alphonsa was born in Pudupuram

Young The couple will come To Camp From Pudupuram, At least a detached place where they do not die from bullets. They will live … That is where Alfonsa Davis was born.In the midst of the tears of his mother, who did not know what life would be like for her first child, in a place where there was no hospitality.

Water, food, clothing; Everything needed money“, Comprehensive Crotoy Plava, One of the guys To the portal of the footballer, Bayern Munich (November, 2019). “For food We mix few Leaves With Curry For Do A Soup, Nothing else“.

Up to 50,000 Liberians lived in these conditions. The war ended in 2003 and the Davis family decided not to return home.வழியாக Through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), The father, mother and son found a way to resettle In the third country, CanadaThey arrived in 2006, three years later.

Looking back there was no refugee camp, no food, no clothingWe are here today. Alfonso has That’s all To. I Pride From He”, Remembered With nostalgia His mother In a video shared by the Vancouver Whitecaps in Victoria, June 2017, the young footballer was presented with the biggest award at the time when he received Canadian citizenship.

that day Finally their Potatoes They returned Speak From them Tough yearsThey have always been the ones to avoid making Alfonso a buried memory or disturbing his young memory.

Always Thomas Mல்லllerHis team player in Bayern Munich Described Thus: “Alfonsa a Player With Lots of heart And a lot more Power-power. Excessive power. Sometimes he is not in the best position in the field, but When The The opponent thinks ‘I have timeI have time ‘ Appears as ‘meep-meep-meep’, As Road driver (Laughs). Rodrunner comes forward and steals the ball.

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And Today That Boy Born in a refugee camp, without any possessions, sheltered only by parents, Won The Difficult Of Wars Now Commands For the exam CanadaThe He will return to the World Cup after 36 years.