July 15, 2024


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Andre de Cross JJ of Canada won the 200m and gave a surprise.  OO Tokyo Other Sports |  Sports

Andre de Cross JJ of Canada won the 200m and gave a surprise. OO Tokyo Other Sports | Sports

De Cross defeated two Americans, Kenneth Bednarek (19.68, silver) and world champion Nova Liles (19.74, bronze).


Canadian Andre de Gross was crowned Olympic champion in the 200 meters, setting a record by winning the final in 19 seconds and 62 centuries in Tokyo on Wednesday following the famous Usain Bolt.

The 26-year-old De Cross, who had already won bronze in the 100m at the Games, defeated Kenneth Bednarek (19.68, Friday) and world champion Nova Liles (19.74, bronze) in the final.

“After 100 meters (third place) I was a little disappointed and I think I could have done better. So I told myself I had to go 200 meters,” De Cross explained.

“I know Americans are going to put pressure on me and they are going to guide me to do the best I can personally. I have not violated it for five years, so it’s good to get rid of it,” he added.

American Ariane Knighton, just 17 years old and identified as the potential superstar of the future, finished fourth (19.93).

Kenneth Bednarek (i), Andre de Cross and Erian Knighton. Photo: AFP

The young Florida teenager has already broken Bolt’s youth record and is running faster than the famous ‘Lightning Bolt’.

Andre de Cross, 26, was finally able to make the big leap to gold. Through his personal best time he became the eighth fastest man of all time.

At the Rio 2016 Games he was the runner-up in this 200m and then crossed the Bolt. At the Brazilian event, he also won bronze in the 100 and 4×100 meter relay.

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Of the three metals in that Olympic edition he adds two (gold and bronze) already achieved in Tokyo-2020.

Andre de Cross. Photo: AFP

“Yuri, did you see me?”

At the 2019 World Cup in Doha, Bolt was hoping to be able to fight for the De Cross title, having already retired two years ago, but then he was in a better moment and met the event called Liles. On the way to Qatar. The Canadian sprinter then settled again for Friday.

Liles came up with the favorite tagline in these games, but was overtaken in condemnation by de Gross and Bednarek’s acceleration.

According to De Cross, this Wednesday’s gold has a taste for revenge for problems with the femur in the past, especially in 2017. These injuries actually go back two seasons, with his father originally from Barbados and his mother from Trinidad and Tobago.

After the race he was able to talk with his relatives via video conference on the track.

“Yuri, did you see me? Did I win?” He asked his three-year-old daughter, who was with her mother, world champion and 2016 Olympic runner-up 100m hurdles American Nia Ali. (D)