June 13, 2024


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Avril Lavigne surprised Olivia Rodrigo by singing ‘complicated’ at her concert in Canada

Avril Lavigne surprised Olivia Rodrigo by singing ‘complicated’ at her concert in Canada

Singer Olivia Rodrigo He performed at the Masi Hall in Toronto, Canada. Although his presentation caused great anticipation among his fans, they were surprised to see him on stage avril lavigne.

The former Disney girl was invited to sing the song together for her show “Complicated”, A theme that made Canadians popular. This fact was recorded by the participants and Rodrigo also shared pictures of that special night.

“Toronto, last night was special. Thanks dear avril lavigne For singing with me ”he posted on his Instagram. On the other hand, the guest was not far behind and thanked his colleague for sharing in his concert:

“She was inspired to sing the ‘complicated’ song on stage in Toronto. It was so sweet to play with you on your ‘Tired’ tour tonight! Get a wonderful tour girl. Keep killing her. I send you a lot of love,” he revealed. Olivia Rodrigo.

“SOUR”, the album that changed everything

“SOUR” completely changed the life of Olivia Rodrigo. The album topped the music charts worldwide, including him as one of the ten most popular artists of the year. This achievement is even more commendable if you consider that he participated in everyone’s writing. Her songs, she feels lucky.

“When you write a song, I think it’s like a very close personal experience, and you put your heart and soul into this work. When it’s time to release it, you have to separate yourself from the song, it’s an extension of your heart at that moment. Not one, but one for others, something I have to learn throughout the process of putting it out. ” SOUR, “Olivia explained.

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The songs on “SOUR” often talk about breakdowns. Here are some of the lines he’s been most proud of writing: From “enough for you” to “One day I will be everything to someone else”, “Traitor”, “You did not deceive but you are still a traitor” (“You did not deceive me, but you are still a traitor”) . Words that accurately describe the anger of a broken heart.

However, Olivia Rodrigo does not want to be a pigeon in writing these kinds of songs and is already working on new themes. “I don’t think all the songs should come from that place of destruction. I think there are many different colors in the spectrum of human emotions that need to be captured in music. So I’m very excited to do that in my next job. “

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