July 23, 2024


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Canada has agreed to investigate crimes committed on the moon

Canada has agreed to investigate crimes committed on the moon

Members of the Legislature Canada It amended the penal code of the North American country and allowed crimes to continue நிலா.

Approved by 181 MPs who voted 144 against changing the law, it has been included in the 443-page budget tabled in parliament this week.

Ottawa has already expanded its jurisdiction over crimes committed by Canadian astronautsAnd space travel International Space Station.

Under this law, they are given the same treatment for the crimes they have committed Canada.

Changes due to spatial environment

This change comes at a time when the number of space missions is increasing, even before the first humans were sent நிலா More than 50 years later, the launch is scheduled for May 2024 with a Canadian astronaut That ship Artemis II.

Under Subtitle Lunar Gateway, The Penal Code Amendment states: “A member of the Canadian team who commits an act or omission outside during a space flight. CanadaIf it is confirmed Canada Would be a criminal offense and he would be deemed to have committed or missed the act Canada“.

This includes crimes committed on or near the Lunar Gateway space station as it prepares to orbit the orbit நிலாAnd “on the surface of நிலா“, The document promises.

Foreign astronauts “threaten the life or safety of a Canadian crew member” during a spaceflight Canada They can also be prosecuted under the bill.

The Canadian space agency is partnering with the European Space Agency and the Japan Space Agency on the US NASA-led lunar gateway project.

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Beginning in 2026, the station will serve as a starting point for robotic and human exploration on the lunar surface. As well as missions to Mars. (AFP)

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