April 17, 2024


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Canada finished second to Australia in the BC Women’s Rugby 7s pool

Canada finished second to Australia in the BC Women’s Rugby 7s pool

The weather for the final between Canada and world No. 1 Australia came together on Saturday night. The competition was a little bad.

Canada, playing almost exactly right in the first half, succumbed to a second last attempt at the HSBC Canada Sevens Rugby Championship, losing 7-0 in the first half and eventually surrendering to the world number one team 28-5. .

Charlotte Koslik showed the strength of the 2,485-strong crowd at Starlight Stadium through a belated effort and took the air of Canada’s brave action to the venue. The Wallabies opened the game in the second half and went on to win 3-0.

“Honestly we had our game plan in the first half, six minutes and 59 seconds,” said Canada coach Jack Honrati. “We tried to play by our rules and I think we did it in the first half.

“The Sevens are all about possession, we started the second half without being able to get a kickoff, it turned into a quagmire, a domino effect. But honestly, courage and determination … We played the same Australian team in Dubai at the start of the season, we didn’t touch the ball and we lost 50 points.

“That’s today’s game. They know it, we know it, but we’re second. Of course, but the gap is narrowing.”

Unfortunately, it will not be easy in the quarterfinals because Canada, who finished 2-1 in the group, will play Olympic champions New Zealand at 1:22 pm on Sunday. For its part, Australia will face Spain at 2:06 pm, France against Fiji at 1:00 pm and Ireland at 1:46 pm.

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“morning [Sunday] “We have to get back up to play against one of the best teams in the world. But that’s what we want,” Hanarathy said.

Start strong

In wet, foggy and cold conditions Canada got off to the perfect start they had hoped for, which opened in sunny skies against Australia. The host nation secured its place by beating Spain 19-10 and beating Mexico 43-0 in the quarterfinals.

Having been absent from their site at Starlight Stadium for more than two years, Canada seemed a little nervous to launch due to restrictions on the Covit-19 epidemic. When Keira Wardley scored the home team’s first try in the first four minutes, they took a 7-5 first-half lead against Spain. Captain Brian Nicholas added his first two changes.

Marla Galvo responded to Spain immediately, then after a break in the first half of the 14-minute fastball with Lee Ducher’s effort to give the opponents the first lead of the match and take a 10-7 lead.

Veteran Bianca Varela made a white pass from midfield, hit a long lead, cut the ball inside and put Canada on a fantastic run. Nicholas took the lead 14-10, with Canada not looking back. Within two minutes of the win Wardley added his second attempt.

“A little tension,” Hannady said at the start. “For us, we wanted to make sure we were comfortable in the mess.

He added: “At first there were some nerves, which I think would delight a crowd again. The hair was on my hands and back of the neck so I could not imagine how the players felt., The summary for the day as” two highs and two lows “.

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Coach Hanrati dominated Mexico from start to finish Canada to set up the game that his younger team wanted to see as a test.

Canada’s Florence Symonds, left, beat Mexico 43-0 in the Women’s Rugby Sevens on Saturday in Longford. (Don McKinnon / AFP via Getty Images)

Chrissy Scurfield, an 18-year-old producer at the University of Victoria, led the way with a couple of attempts for Canada against Mexico. Farella, Fancy Chavez, Renee Gonzalez, Elissa Alarie and Florence Symonds each added an article. Olivia’s applications added three substitutes, and Asia Hogan-Rochester added another before the tumultuous crowd.

There are no easy games in the Sevens

Against Australia, it was the first 6:59 of the match, but it soon returned. Demi Hayes added a try in the opening minute of the second half and Madison Levy added two more tries for Australia in the tenth and eleventh minutes. Olivia de Gourier scored Canada’s only try in the final seconds of the match.

Dominic du Toit hugged three players for Australia, while Charney Williams added the others.

“I feel like every opponent we face is a challenge. There are no easy games in the Sevens,” de Gourier said as he smiled across the field as he defeated his Australian opponent on the touchline. Departing, we head to the second day on a very positive note.

It will require an energetic performance against New Zealand, but the mighty black fern is not talking lightly about Canada.

New Zealand star Portia Woodman said, “Locally, we know Canada will have a good fight.