December 10, 2023


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‘Boom’ of Canada Soccer |  Sports

‘Boom’ of Canada Soccer | Sports

Canada’s qualification for Qatar 2022 was a sporting achievement for the North American team, having only been to one FIFA World Cup so far, having been in Mexico in 1986, but reflecting an unprecedented economic boom for Canadians.

It is estimated that FIFA will provide about $ 12 million to the Football Association of Canada (Canada Soccer) to play in the World Cup in Qatar, which is higher than similar games received in recent years and more than all of 2020’s revenue. .

This sport and economic success is not a coincidence, but the result of the growing strength of football at all levels of the Canadian community, which has allowed ice hockey to replace football as Canada’s most popular sporting practice.

Bonanza also distributes to the entire ecosystem of Canadian football and the rebound, as well as to two Spanish companies, MediaPro and Atletico de Madrid.

Mediapro owns the broadcasting rights to the Canadian Premier League (CPL), a Canadian professional football league formed in 2019. For its part, Atlético acquired Atlético Ottawa, one of the eight CPL owners in 2020. More than 1 million euros.

With the rise of the Canadian national team and football in general in the country, the investments of Mediapro and Atlético de Madrid in the CPL have gained value. Some sources point out that the value of Atlético de Madrid’s investment has increased fivefold in two years.

Million rain

In 2019, in Canada Soccer, before Covid-19, his total revenue was $ 19.8 million.

By 2020, in the last year since Canada Soccer’s financial results were made public, that number has dropped to $ 11.5 million, including government aid and subsidies as a result of the epidemic.

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Business fees, from sponsorship agreements to services provided, totaled $ 3.7 million two years ago.

Meanwhile, government aid has not lagged far behind, adding $ 3.6 million.

In addition, the Canadian Football Confederation brought in $ 2 million from Confederation players and $ 2 million in grants from FIFA and Concacaf.

In the same year, it cost about $ 2.5 million for all the men’s teams in the federation, while the total cost of the most successful women’s teams in Canadian football was $ 2.2 million.

Judging by these figures, it is clear that the Canadian men’s football team’s success lies not only in sports but also in economics.

In addition to the direct revenue that Canada Soccer will receive for Qatar 2022, the team’s interest is expected to increase revenue from ideas such as tickets for the national team’s future matches or marketing.

Canada not only qualified for Qatar from 2022 but also lost only two of the 14 matches played, in the octagonal Confederations Cup deciding which teams should travel from North and Central America to the 2022 World Cup.

Attractive to sponsors

Canada’s historic performance in Octagon is already bearing fruit.

Sponsors are traditionally backward, like success stories, Canada is very relevant.

On March 23, just days before Canada confirmed Qatar’s qualification for 2022 with a 4-0 win over Jamaica in Toronto, the Canadian Football Association announced that it had reached the sponsorship deal for the first time with the Isotonic Drinks Cadore brand. .

The multi-year deal, figures have not been announced, will translate PepsiCo’s brand Kedoride, an American food and beverage company, into Canada Soccer’s partner for sports and isotonic nutrition.

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Announcing the deal, PepsiCo Canada’s Marketing Director Lourdes Seminario noted the “growth and excitement” in Canada for the future of football, adding that he was pleased to add the company’s name with some of the key players in the sport.

With Kotor, Canada now has nine companies with sponsorship deals with Soccer, including multinational sports equipment company Nike and automaker Toyota.

The Canadian Federation hopes that the deal with Gator will be one of the other juicy deals to come in the future.

Because, as Canadian coach John Hertman points out, after the win against Jamaica on March 27, Qatar’s qualification for 2022 is a reversal.

“It’s going to change the country and our game forever. We need to take advantage of this moment and mark the next 20 or 30 years,” Hertmann said.

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