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California: Rights in the US follow Canadian truckers with caravans heading to Washington |  International

California: Rights in the US follow Canadian truckers with caravans heading to Washington | International

A woman waving the American-Canadian flag Wednesday morning in Adelaide, California.Mario Tama (AFP)

America’s militant right is once again seeking the motor as a form of protest. Long convoy of trucks showed their support for Donald Trump during the 2020 campaign marked by the epidemic. His supporters are now inspired In picking up Ottawa Dozens of people began an eleven-day journey in Atlanto (California) this Wednesday, demanding an end to the health crisis in the nation’s capital, as Canadian truckers begin a more than 4,000-kilometer journey to Washington DC.

Since Tuesday night, many people from other parts of the country have started arriving in Atlanto, 130 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles. “This is for our freedom and our human rights. Enough is enough,” Ron Coleman, a 61-year-old truck driver from Renault, the capital of Nevada, told Reuters. Arrived, which, according to AFP reports, he drew on his truck. The group, which calls itself the “People’s Caravan”, consisted of about thirty trailers and about 50 trucks.

This morning, the city was filled with the flags of the United States, Canada and other countries Other popular icons at Donald Trump rallies: Red Hats, Gutson Armor (Supports Gun Rights), News Indictment Biden and the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” were used by the far right to insult the White House Democrat resident symbol. However, many of those waiting for the start of the struggle promised to cross the country only for peaceful purposes. As a way to distance himself from the events of January 6, 2021, a group of supporters who had gathered this cold morning were forced into the Capitol. Caravan organizers say there are no plans to enter the Colombian district properly and that the protest will be aimed at the Beltway, a bypass road around the capital.

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The panel calls for an end to the use of masks, compulsory vaccinations and emergency powers that allow management to continue to issue epidemiological orders. Demands are rhetorical in a country that has been easing operations for weeks. Even severe companies across the health crisis, such as California, have begun to eliminate the mandatory use of masks in many districts since mid-February. Local authorities have announced plans to live with the corona virus, in which they promise to continue to conduct half a million tests a day and conduct face-to-face classes for all students. From this Friday, masks are no longer required in offices, bars and gyms.

Trumpism could not pass much time. Last weekend, the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Was finally able to disperse the protests This blocked the main border point between the United States and Canada for several days. This is a topic that has been hotly debated for three weeks by the media consumed by the far right, including the broadcast of Steve Bannon, Trump’s former adviser. In the voice of the real America. Rumors had been circulating for weeks that there were plans to reflect the protest. Some supporters of the movement announced its launch on February 13 when the Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles.

The small caravans will depart California this Wednesday and catch convoys passing through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Maryland. A trailer followed several vans this morning from Scronton, Pennsylvania, Biden’s hometown. The truck driver told the Washington television channel he did not want to disrupt traffic, but said he was concerned about rising petrol prices. He sees in protest the gesture of pressure on the president to deliver his state union speech on Tuesday at a meeting postponed by the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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The ghost of the July 6 events has put the authorities in Washington under their protection. Nancy Pelosi, The Speaker of the House of Representatives believes the security measures implemented for Biden’s speech. The Pentagon has also mobilized 50 armored vehicles on the streets. About 700 unarmed National Guard officers will be stationed, about 300 of whom will be on the beltway to prevent traffic congestion. Trucks arrive in the area on March 5th. All focus will be on them.

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