May 30, 2024


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Canada approves the use of psychedelic drugs to treat certain mental illnesses Community

MDMA tablets were used by the MAPS Association in clinical trials against post-traumatic stress disorder in Boulder (USA).Maps

Canada has taken a significant step in the fight against various mental illnesses, a fight there Most beliefs are based on psychedelic. The Federal Ministry of Health made changes to the diet and medicine regulations, allowing physicians in the country to use these substances (such as xylose, MDMA, LSD) in the treatment of certain patients. According to the official Gazette on January 5, the authorities have developed a special access plan for this.

By this conclusion, Ottawa recognizes that “scientific evidence supports therapeutic benefits” of these drugs for the treatment of mental health problems. Similarly, the document states that current treatment options for various conditions of this type are “limited, relatively ineffective and / or with adverse side effects”. The ministry reached these results in December 2020 after a series of consultations with researchers, organizations and physicians, as well as individuals affected by any of these diseases or relatives in the situation.

Various studies have shown the clinical benefits of psychedelics in recent years, with the government shutting them down after decades of using them in research. Experts from Imperial College London found this out Psilocybin (the main psychoactive agent of hallucinogenic fungi), Combined with psychotherapy sessions, helped those with severe depression who did not respond favorably to various antidepressants. American and Canadian scientists have published an article Natural Medicine They showed me where it was MDMA (popularly known as ecstasy) medication, And in combination with psychotherapy, greatly reduced the symptoms of individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Other research shows that it is beneficial in cases such as anxiety, depression and alcoholism.

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In Canada, authorization for the use of these products is limited to clinical trials and personal use of end-sick patients (55 approved to date). “The new arrangement allows health professionals to contact the Ministry of Special Access – through the Special Access Program – for those suffering from serious or life-threatening illnesses, until routine treatments fail, become inappropriate or unavailable.”

Ronan Levy, CEO of Field Trip, said the Toronto-based network of clinics has already been tested. Ketamine treatments, Said in a statement: “These amendments do not yet provide broad clinical access to psychiatric treatments. This is an encouraging development and we welcome Health Canada to be a clear leader in this regard.” For its part, TheraPsil, a non-profit organization based in British Columbia, focuses on the therapeutic use of xylosipin, which it says is a step in the right direction, but the restrictions will restrict many who need these drugs.

Beginning in 2021, Health Canada will allow a few companies (such as Cybin, Cygen, and Numinus) to manufacture xylosipine for research purposes. On January 17, Pysgen received a license to manufacture LSD, MDMA, DMT and Meskeline for the same purpose. These and other companies have been in contact with the Ministry to obtain a distribution license for the Special Access Program. According to Bridge Market research, the global market for psychedelic drug-based therapies could reach $ 7.6 billion by 2028. However, this situation depends on changes in national or regional regulations.

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