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United States vs Canada Today (1-1) Live 09/05/2021

7:35 PM 2 minutes ago


Canada Target! Lorraine is already tied at 62´.

7:32 PM 5 minutes ago


Canada Change
Entra Kamal Miller, Sales Scott Kennedy

7:29 PM 8 minutes ago


America’s goal! Aaronson makes the game for the locals first, they have already won.

7:24 PM 13 minutes ago


Canada is awake! He was close to opening the score to break the pools.

7:18 PM 19 minutes ago

The second half begins in the United States!

7:02 PM 35 minutes ago

45´ +2

The end of the first half! There were dangerous plays in the United States, but they could not be performed.

7:01 PM 37 minutes ago

45´ + 1

Change in America
Entra Yedilin, Sergino Test for sale.

5:56 PM 42 minutes ago


Mail! Canada has just been saved, and in comparison the United States is very close to catching up.

6:51 PM An hour ago


Yellow card parades!
Canadian Bronx and Seabats are recorded.

6:46 PM An hour ago


Laria got the yellow, then Befok got the yellow, a little fight between the two teams.

6:41 PM An hour ago


Creates excellent flow by crossing three guards to set up the deflected cross. America is sinking deeper and beginning to create space in all parts of the field.

6:36 PM An hour ago

Start the game from the US!

Large-scale references are expected.

6:31 PM An hour ago

National Anthems are played at Nissan Stadium!

6:21 PM An hour ago

Order: Canada

Porgen, Jonathan, Adekukpe, Eustachio, Hewlett, Kay, Henry, Larin, Davis, Laria, Kennedy.

6:16 PM An hour ago

Great environment from Nissan Stadium

6:11 PM An hour ago

It’s a wall

Goalkeeper Matt Turner has conceded just one penalty in his previous eight games. Turner has kept a clean sheet in five straight games and has not conceded a single goal in his last 506 minutes of play.

6:06 PM 2 hours ago


After a positive test for COVID last month, Christian Pulisic will return to the team for the first time since the Nations League final in June and will captain the USMNT for the sixth time tonight. USA 4-1-0 when wearing the Pulitzer Prize.

6:01 PM 2 hours ago

Nice evening to play!

5:56 PM 2 hours ago

Absent for the United States

5:51 PM 2 hours ago


Tonight’s game is the first World Cup qualifier between the United States and Canada in Vancouver since November 9, 1997. USMNT won the 1998 FIFA World Cup 3-0 that day.

5:46 PM 2 hours ago

Do not go here to follow the live USA and Canada of the World Cup qualifiers

In addition to the latest information coming out of the Nissan Stadium in the United States, we would like to share with you some of the opening rows of the United States and Canada for the 2nd day of the CONCOFA qualifying exam for Qatar 2022. Don’t miss the minute-by-minute match details and go live online from VAVEL.

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4:41 PM 2 hours ago

Motivation factor

5:36 PM 2 hours ago

The fight of the most valuable teams

5:31 PM 2 hours ago

Where and How to Live USA vs Canada Online

5:26 PM 2 hours ago

America with recent dominance

5:21 PM 2 hours ago

Consider this Canadian player

5:16 PM 2 hours ago

Be careful with this player from the United States

5:11 PM 2 hours ago

Last row Canada

1 Hutchinson, 18 Porgen, 2 Miller, 5 Victoria, 7 Eustace, 11 Buchanan, 17 Larin, 20 Davis, 20 David, 22 Laria.

5:06 PM 3 hours ago

The last line of America

Matt Turner, Sergino Test, Josh Sergeant, Miles Robinson, Brendan Ardensen, Tim Reim, Deindre Yatlin, Tyler Adams, Weston McKenzie, Gio Raina, Conrad de la Fuente.

5:01 PM 3 hours ago

Canada: Do not want to be left behind

3:56 PM 3 hours ago

USA: Pack takes the lead

3:51 PM 3 hours ago