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Canada became the leader of the octagon by defeating land-losing Mexico

Canada became the leader of the octagon by defeating land-losing Mexico


16/11/2021 – 11:29 PM

Qatar beat Mexico 2-1 in the eighth day of the Concacaf Octagon qualifier for the 2022 World Cup at the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton.

Chail Lorin scored 16 points for the Canadians in 45 + 2 minutes and 52. Hector Herrera, 90, was relegated to the Mexican team with 14 units and was relegated to third place.

Mexico coach Gerardo Martino approached the game with caution by changing his plan from four defenders to a five-man line-up, allowing the tricolor Canadians to control and play the ball casually without risk or proposal.

Canada took the lead and in the 23rd minute they scored the first shot on goal. Lorraine received a front pass and a low shot into the area controlled by goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

Mexico began to resist early Canadian domination and loosened trajectories slightly, first to the right of Jesus Gallardo and then to the right by Jorge Sanchez; Through the center, striker Raul Jimenez tried to pick up the ball and catch it, waiting for a sub.

Despite the infiltrations, neither team dominated or played defensive games, but Canada found the target just before the break.

Alastair Johnston stole a ball from Arbelin Pineta in midfield and took a shot from outside the area, but Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa threw the ball towards the center and made it 1-0 for Lorraine.

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In the second half, ‘Tata’ Martino had to remove his five-man defensive device and Mexico felt very weak in the back.

Canada found their second goal in a set piece game. Stephen Eustachio sent the ball into the box. Goalkeeper Ochoa did not catch the ball and allowed Lorin to appear comfortable to score 2-0.

The Mexican players tried to react and scored two shots on goal by Roberto Alvarado, which was resolved by goalkeeper Milan Porgen; Jimenez tried to hit the shot on goal but sent the ball over the crossbar.

The game ended in a dramatic turn. Herrera made it 2-1 with a header, sent by Jes’s ‘Decadito’ Corona for 90, who had already taken a ball over the goal line on an uncomfortable shot from Canadian goalkeeper Milan Borgen George Sanchez at the time of compensation, after which he blocked it all. The danger that came to him.

On the ninth day of the octagon, January 27th, Canada will head home to Honduras and Mexico to Jamaica.