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The tragic end of the WhatsApp group “Canada 2007”

The tragic end of the WhatsApp group “Canada 2007”

Nicholas Medina Was the main part of the exam Sub 20 Third place finisher at the World Cup Canada In 2007, the forward scored his first Chile goal in his debut game against a local team. Congo, On the second date of group status.

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The draw allowed the team to score without a goal against Austria Jose Sulande Stay with Group A. Then the victories came against Portugal Y Nigeria And previous failure Argentina In the semifinals, the red was measured again with it Austria, Whom he can defeat and hang the bronze medal.

The historic achievement of these few young footballers came back a decade later and was told by trained pioneers. University of Chile In the “After the Retreat” podcast:

“I don’t remember very well if it was 2017 or 2018 One player made the WhatsApp team, it didn’t last long, the truth is it wasn’t a good idea. One of the players currently on the national team behaved well. The others did not catch much fish and had a semi-ugly opinion, so it was decided to remove the group. Bad, but everyone does what they want.

The attacker, who defended 14 jerseys in his career, added: “I was in constant contact with those who played. Chile, What Hans Martinez, Eric Godoy, Michael Silva. I have occasionally met (Arturo) விடல் At a clinic I thought he did not remember me, everything is fine, we talked for a while. It made a good impression on me, but you have to admit that that WhatsApp team was not successful.

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