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Canada | Fatemeh Anvari: Controversy in Canada over dismissal of veiled Muslim teacher | The world

The controversial dismissal of a teacher in a classroom for wearing a Muslim veil in Quebec has renewed debate on legislation banning the use of religious symbols by public servants in the Canadian province and sparked a government backlash this Friday. .

After working as an alternative teacher, teacher Fatemeh Anwari received a permanent position as a third-grade teacher at a school in Quebec at the beginning of this fall, but a month later the woman accused the director of the center of asking her to change her position. Take it out of the classroom “Hyap”, Muslim veil.

Until now, the government of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has refused to intervene against a controversial law passed by Quebec authorities in 2019 banning the wearing of public clothing. “Religious Symbols”, Crucifix, kippa, Sikh turban or veil.

However, a spokesman for the administration said on Friday that Ottawa could intervene, regardless of what kind of action Ottawa is considering, following the actions taken against Anwari.

Muslim, Jewish and other religious minority groups have criticized the so-called Rule 21 in Quebec to understand that the rule is against them.

Although many groups have asked the courts to intervene to repeal the law, the Quebec government has used a constitutional provision that allows it to uphold laws that violate the fundamental rights of individuals.

Quebec’s Prime Minister Franாங்கois LeCald, a publicist for Law 21, argued the issue this Friday in support of Anwari’s dismissal as a teacher and his reassignment to another field unrelated to children. The school hired her as a teacher.

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Legalt told reporters that Chelsea Elementary School should never hire Anwari after the approval of Law 21 in 2019, which he described as “reasonable”.

Meanwhile, parents of students at the school protested against the teacher’s dismissal and hung green ribbons on campus in protest of the measures taken against him.

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