June 23, 2024


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Mexico vs. Canada: ‘L Tri’ trained for the first time at low temperatures | 2022 Concacaf Qatar Qualifying Rounds | Mexico

The He began preparations for the meeting ahead Next Tuesday, November 16 for the octagonal final . Led by Gerardo Martino, Qatar will try to get three points after falling on the final date against the United States in one of the direct allocations for the next 2022 World Cup.

The Mexican team held its first training session on Canadian soil as the players were hot due to the high temperatures in the country for the winter. In the pictures seen on L Tri’s Twitter account, you can see Raul Jimenez wearing a jacket during training.

It should be noted that this clash is of paramount importance to the color team because they have to win to get back to first place in the octagon, in fact, the figures are on the Latin side because the maple leaf world has never won a try. Cup qualifying round ..

The players, led by Gerardo Martino, have to adapt to the current situation to face the next match without any problems, which could take place at temperatures of -10 and -15 degrees Celsius. Also, there is the option that there may be snowfall in Canada.

According to statistics, on the day of the game, the temperature will be -4 degrees, and this situation will undoubtedly affect the performance of ‘L Tri’, he will always look for success, so as not to fall to third place in the table. If they win the octagonal final, they may even be in first place.

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