July 15, 2024


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Competitors now complicating the Mexican national team are the United States and Canada

Competitors now complicating the Mexican national team are the United States and Canada

Factors such as decisions made around MX League Or believing that competitors have not increased their level, there are certain circumstances Mexican team Reflect on decisions like failure against United States 2-0 in the Eliminator Fight Concacaf.

Former compatriots and managers considered in a speech EL Universal Game, Rivals Americans and Canadians in the area have worked hard to create better football for themselves locally and on national teams, which has led to an increase in their status. Mexico Matches get more complicated.

Historical archer Antonio Carbazol That was strong when revealed “We believe we are going to beat them by name.” “We see America as small and we believe we are going to beat them by name. I’m sad to see the boys on the national team.”Added ‘Tota‘.

“America is changing some things in sports, in their leagues, in players who are now going overseas. They have fixed things ahead of the game rather than the economy., Mentioned Miguel Spain.

For its part, Rafael Lepriza Mentions that “They are closing the doors to young Mexicans by allowing too many foreigners. We do not take into account the fact that the United States and Canada have grown so much. We believe we continue to be dominant, and it is no more.”

Who does not hesitate to accept that as a team Stars and lines Surpassed Tricolor, Especially in the second half of the last game, that Enrique Borja. “The United States had a quality control, the second half was enjoyable and Mexico did not know how to react. Both the players and the coach should have known that. Strength did not come with Mexico.”

Something that matched that feeling Porja It was Eduardo de la Torre. The ‘Yayo‘I recognized that too “America is superior, Canada’s visit shows a complex picture.”

The Mexican team Will visit Edmonton A Canada, In what year they will play in the last game, they will come with the intention of returning that goal to the top of the octagon. Concacaf.

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