April 13, 2024


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The Mexican team was threatened by the weather to revoke Canada’s accreditation

Weather and heavy snowfall have hit the selection Canada More threatening Mexico. And Canadians announced in advance the revocation of accreditation in this field Commonwealth Stadium, It can happen the same way திரி.

The Canadians moved to a bubble to carry out their training, and they received a special visit after the snow forecast. Prime Minister Canada, Justin Trudeau He attended his team’s training, where he lived with the owners with former players Mexico, In which they will seek to be in first or second place Octagon and Qatar 2022.

“I do not want to spend too much of your time because I know how important your concentration is, but I want you to know that millions of Canadians will watch this game as it will be a great moment in Canadian football history. We are very happy with what they have achieved and what they can achieve. The road is incredible. , And we are very proud of you for uniting Canadians with football, “he said. Message to his soldiers.

The only team not to lose in the category is the Canadian Concacaf Al Qatar World Cup Believe in what success is Mexico Can even come to the first place of the octagon.

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“Good chance being at home, the situation will be better than Friday, the boys are ready and waiting anxiously for him to come. Mexico To win all three points, “commented forward Lucas Gavalini. “We’re ready for anything, even if we’ve played in very difficult situations. Whatever it is, we’re ready. We take this one at a time and the goal is to be the best. Concacaf, We must be united and humble to come to that place “.

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