May 30, 2024


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Canada: Four injured in Calcutta stabbing Calgary NNDC | The world

Calgary Police (in the state of Alberta) ) The suspect was targeted after four people were injured in a series of bombings in the city center on Friday morning.

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According to , Attacks took place in different parts of the city, he is looking for the person responsible. We continue to believe that these attacks are random, and we do not identify a clear motive.Supervisor Cliff O’Brien told the above media.

The first case occurred at the Fourth Street LRT station. A man wounded by a scythe asked for help. O’Brien said transportation staff did first aid maneuvers to save the victim’s life.

Thirty minutes later, a second attack took place nearby. Both were taken to Foodhills Hospital for emergency surgery.

The third occurred in the 100 block of Sixth Avenue SW, and the fourth occurred at the southern end of the Ponte de la Pass.

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