April 22, 2024


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Canada hangs gold in penalty against Sweden

Women’s football has new champions at the Olympics. Canada hung its first gold In this manner after completion Sweden In the penalty shootout, the nerves were high for both teams, but not for the European teams.

Twelve shots were fired, but only five ended in a goal (2-3). Labbe Y Lindall They were right to stop two pitches, in fact, Sweden should have won on the fifth pitch, but Sagar was thrown into the clouds, already in sudden death, Thick Scored in the final.

First of all, it played 120 minutes longer than the competition. That’s it Match ends in a draw (1-1), Was enough to see what was seen. Much Sweden What Canada They came out with clear approaches, the former wanted to dominate and the latter started against the price pace.

Rolf and AslaniOn the other hand, they are the ones carrying the baton of the game. Azulgrana was first and Merengu later attended Blackstinius, Who first found the target (34 ‘). He had managed to get there even before, but Luck got a title from Jacobson.

The goal was triggered Canada, After the break he started playing more on the playing field and it didn’t take long to draw. This is a penalty after VAR detects a manipulation on Sinclair de Illustrated. Fleming, Who had already scored in the semifinals, successfully repeated the shot (67 ‘). It was an important moment for Sweden, saving two shots more than that Canada The second matched, but came out alive.

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The passing of minutes led to fatigue, which in turn led to the wrong positions. Each team scored a solid goal in the lineup and the game went into extra time, in which nothing happened beyond the change carousel that led to the penalty. Canada wins Sweden, must wait to win gold at second Olympics.

Sweden: Lindall; Klaus, Bjorn, Ilestad (Gulberg, 120 ‘), Erickson (Anderson, 75’); Shaker, Angeldale (Hardick, 75 ‘); Rolf (Unvecord, 106 ‘), Aslani, Jacobsen (Pennison, 75’); Blackstinius (Shock, 106 ‘)
Canada: Lappe; Lawrence, Gilles, Buchanan, Chapman (Rivier, 93 ‘); Fleming, Scott (Jadorsky, 120 ‘), Quinn (Crozo, 46’); Sinclair (Huitma, 86 ‘); Prince (Rose, 63 ‘) y Becky (Lyon, 46’)
Goals: 1-0, Blackstenius (34 ‘); 1-1, Penalty Fleming (68 ‘)
Cards: Becky (27 ‘) and Aslani (105’)
Worker: Anastasia Pustovoitova (RUS)
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