April 24, 2024


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The Condors are coming out to play in their World Final against Canada

Success for change. That’s the goal that Condor will repeat until they believe it. “That phrase stuck with us throughout the process, and it helped a lot for the team to learn to win. It’s very important.”, Says Pablo Lemoine Head coach Chile rugby team tonight (21.00) France face Canada in the first round of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup in Longford. To deal with this key, the national team will be very close to that dream.

The task is complex, but there is full confidence that the Chilean team will be able to achieve a planetary assignment for the first time. “We firmly believe that we are going to do that.”Says Captain Martin Sigren. “The mental part of these games is half of what happens on the field. There are not so many differences physically and technically. It is important to know how to play in the World Cup, How we view this, decision making is going to define the game. This may be a historic achievement. And if we want to achieve that, then this is the way to go. ” “After going this way, you come in with the hope that this is what prepared you. This is our Grand Final. And this is the way. Our goal is to be the best Chilean team in history. By closing more training circles, I already have a little to say to my teammates. We are very aligned in terms of values ​​and motivations, we have to go out and play ”.

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Lemoine, for his part, expects what the plan is against the Americans. “We talked to the boys twice in 80 minutes. The first game in terms of knowledge is going to help a lot. The idea is to close the end as much as possible or try to win, which is the possibility we have. How I see them, we would love a lot. “, Dice.

Image of a match between Condors and Argentina XV. Photo: Twitter Argentina XV.

On the Canadian team, the Uruguayan coach recognizes the difficulties it presents, but does not lose his composure. “It’s a competitor who has competed in all the World Cups, which includes professional players, but we firmly believe we can. That hope has been building since 2019 and aims to break what has happened before, ”he says.

The fight will take place on an artificial turf and the forecast indicates the possibility of rain. However, these conditions did not frighten the national team. “We got very used to it because there is an artificial pitch at the Sarria Stadium in Montevideo. In addition, we will play on the morning of our return to Valparaiso (October 9, tickets with Puntoticket), in situations that are most useful to us, ”the head coach closes.

The Condors campaign drew much attention from Chilean rugby historians. From Ireland, where he has lived for a few years, Sebastian Bertie, following the campaign, believes in this process. “We are clearly not favorites because we are a team that appeared to Canada three years ago by several points. Both teams have come a long way. Their product is better than ours because they have more games, many games in MRL, played in European leagues, and they are used for these events, but Chile has grown a lot“, He says.

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Similarly, he thinks the recent victory against Argentina XV may be an important emotional factor. “Chile has never seen the appearance of two Trying And going back. The role of surprise is important. “, Reveals. And he says: “In this first game you have to defend three-quarters well and with confidence Back Stay tuned with them. On Forward We are stronger than ever Scrum, Even “.

Former selector Pablo Demaria points to the team’s wealth. “Before we had three first lines, now there are six. The team stumbled before it could play well for 60 minutes and now it can function well for 80 minutes.”, He maintains.

In the same way, the background work stands out. “Chile’s security has grown a lot, which has allowed us to build from there. It costs to do them Trying That too is very good. I believe the party is limited to anyone by a narrow margin. “, Sentence.