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Canada is playing in Qatar at the World Cup and Costa Rica will advance to the play-off round

Canada is playing in Qatar at the World Cup and Costa Rica will advance to the play-off round

After winning 34 teams, one year after the match, there will be three elimination stages, including the final octagon between the adults. Concacaf, Canada Classified as Qatar 2022 And returned The world After 36 years.

Already directed John Hertmann, Mexico and the United States They qualified directly this Sunday World Cup And Costa Rica He defended his place in the playoffs against New Zealand by finishing fourth.

On the fourteenth and final day of the octagonal final, which seemed completely formal, there was only one change in the table, with Mexico – with 28 points, displaced just like Canada. United States From second place with -25 units-, they won 2-0 at Azteca Stadium and the Stars and Stripes lost 2-0 to San Diego in San Jose, finishing with the same 25 points as the United States.

But a year later – the tie began on March 21, 2021 – in three more phases, Canadians stood alone in a tie, marked by the Govt-19 epidemic.

Decided on June 25, 2020 FIFA To postpone the match due to Govt Concacaf Announced on July 27, 2020, changing the schedule of what the tie shape will be.

In the new first round, the Congolese teams, ranked sixth to thirty-fifth in the July 2020 FIFA rankings, were divided into six zones of five teams, with the winners qualifying for the second round.

In that second round, those six first-round winners played in a two-legged tie in which the top three advanced to the finals, joining the top five Concacaf teams based on the same FIFA rankings. , Ended this Wednesday to play in the final octagon.

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1-0. Panama, eliminated, defeated the leader

Panama finished 1-0 in the quarter-finals against Canada.

In the 49th minute of the 14th and final day of the match, Canaleros scored their sixth victory in 14 games by Gabriel Torres.

2-0. Costa Rica defeated the United States

The Costa Rican team defeated the United States 2-0, but Qatar did not reach the target of reaching the direct allotment for 2022 and is preparing to play in the playoffs against New Zealand.

DiCos, led by Colombian Luis Fernando Suarez, scored 25 points, just like Greg Berholder’s Americans, who finished third in the direct rankings for the Qatar event due to a superb goal difference.

Defender of Colombian Millionaires Juan Pablo Vargas defeated Englishman Manchester City’s Zach Stephen 1-0 with an accurate header to give DiCos a 1-0 lead.

In the 58th minute, after a commotion in the visiting area, Contreras of the local Guanacosteca lifted the second Costa Rica goal board.

2-0. Mexico took second place

Ra யூl Jimenez took the confidence of Creative Uriel Antona Gerardo Martino with a goal and a penalty, beating Mexico 2-0 with El Salvador and finishing second with the same 28 points as Canada.

2-1. Jamaica and Honduras, respect and nothing else

Also, the Reggae Boys added 11 points to their 2-1 win over the Catacombs, finishing sixth and a respectable match that buried Honduras below with 4 units. .

Honduran Angel Tejeda scored from the penalty spot in the 18th minute.

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