September 23, 2023


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Canada offers scholarships to students in Argentina to study in that country: requirements and how to apply

Canada offers scholarships to students in Argentina to study in that country: requirements and how to apply

The nation’s Ministry of Education shared an initiative Argentine students For Apply for a Scholarship in CanadaWithin the framework Emerging Leaders in the America Project. What are the requirements to apply and what are the scholarships and research scholarships offered.

The project is targeted Undergraduate and graduate students From several Latin American countries, including Argentina. Beyond being a part of a career or postgraduate course, it is necessary to meet certain requirements.

First, The applicant must have a certificate certifying a certain level of knowledge of the language, English or French, depending on the region where the educational institution you want to apply to is located. On the other hand too You must have a valid passport.

In the case of undergraduate students, They must have spent the first two years of their careers. For graduate students, this is required Must have completed at least 30% of the course taken. Finally, Canadian citizens, those who carry out certain types of residency procedures or are currently participating in the transfer program are rejected. Scholarship Includes postgraduates who want to do research or additional training.

Official site with information on scholarships for Argentines in CanadaCapture

The benefits of the scholarship include: Exemption from registration fees and other tuition fees, the value of which depends on each institution: $ 8,200 for students At least four months and Masters or Ph.D. CAD 11,100 for graduates Five to six months of research or study.

According to him Canadian program official siteThe deadline for scholarship study is August 1 to February 1 of the following year. The application is by local companies, which must be forwarded to the selected Canadian institution, or in case of failure, the application must be sent directly to the Canadian University.. Applicants must consult with their university or establish the requirements for North American courses or do so directly. Once the Canadian company accepts the application, it will formally upload it to the program and a few weeks later the selected ones will be announced.

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For the exam The following criteria are taken into account in terms of priority: Eligibility of the research or study that the applicant wishes to undertake in Canada, Benefit to the Native Institution, Benefit to the Canadian Institution, Exchange and Strength of Links formed from the marks awarded by the Canadian Research Centers.

Is significant Applications for this academic termIncludes the last quarter of 2022 and the first month of 2023, They are already closed. The deadline for Canadian universities to submit applications is March 23, and the nominees are expected to be officially announced in May. However, Requirements are valid for next year You can start preparing your applications.