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Canada is waiting for Paulina Martinez, but the journey is not over yet

The young boxer from Acumbero has been selling menudo, snacks and sweets to go to Canada, but she has not yet collected what she needs.

Onofre Luzano

அகம்பரோ.- It’s been six days since the trip Canada For his first international fight, a boxer from Agambar Pauline Martinez Makes final preparations with his manager, Adrian Moon.

However, the most worrying thing is that they are not his competitor’s fists, but with only six days to travel, they have not finished paying for the air ticket.

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Boxer often sells tacos and pastries; Also skits, maruchalote, dorielotes and other fried foods and supplies to pay for the trip, but six days before the fight, his dream is in jeopardy. If all goes well and the money is raised, the boxer will leave for Canada on May 19 with his manager. The next day the weightlifting fight on May 21st.

Agambaro boxer Paulina Martinez raises funds to reach Canada
Photo: Archive

“We are ready for whatever comes”

But despite the economic difficulties, Paulina Martinez firmly believes that she will not deceive the people of Agambar in her first international battle.

“Let them see that there is talent in this part of the world. This is an opportunity given to us, maybe we will not get it again, this is the first time we are leaving the country, we are very ready to come. Said the boxer.

“What we do most is the problem of resistance in both arms and legs”, He commented on his training. “Before, I used speed, but now because of the difficulty of the fight, it is very important to work in resistance.”

Paulina explained the difference between striking with foreign fighters “They hit and exit the exchange zone of blows. Instead we are more fighters and we enter the conflict.”.

For his part, his manager Adrian Luna points out that they are looking to grow and move to Canada for an experience.

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“This is a process where we have to go through a series of setbacks, good moments, falls and pick-ups, but the goal is to be as ready as we can and, above all, to congratulate Paulina Martinez. She is the first fighter to move from Agambar to another country. Thank you more City Hall Because we know they support us, “he said.

Agambaro boxer Paulina Martinez raises funds to reach Canada
Photo: Archive

He said it was Paulina Martinez “He goes to Canada and looks at the box a little more so he can show that he knows the technique.”.

Promise of a young boxer

Last January 29, the amateur athlete won against the American fighter Sanhiqua Caetano. Also fought at the exhibition with Emerald BalkanRepresentative Mexico Inside Tokyo 2020.

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Paulina Martinez is only 17 years old, but she is already establishing herself as a star in the sport. He started at the age of 13 in the gymnasium ‘New Promises’ and studied at CONALEP.

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