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Canada offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees to young adults |  University of Canada West |  University of Canada WestNNDC |  The world

Canada offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees to young adults | University of Canada West | University of Canada WestNNDC | The world

Following the announcement by the University of Western Canada (UCW) that admission facilities will be available to all who wish to achieve professional development of international status, Peruvians have the opportunity to study in the north of the continent.

If that is not enough, those interested in applying for the vacancy within University of Canada West They can learn about the country, earn money and travel with their entire family.

Agency noted , Company SCC Canada It is responsible for providing facilities for interested adults to easily obtain a visa and travel without problems.

“SCC Canada is an institution that specializes in educational consulting. That means it helps those who want to study for a degree and specialize abroad, i.e. get a visa., He pointed out Helbert Marquez, The manager of that company.

The easiest way to get a visa and live in Canada is with a student visa. That’s why SCC has no better idea than to partner with Canada University of Canada West So it hires graduate students quickly and they train systematically. “He commented.

He added “Canada has the facility to issue visas if you have a family, they can all travel together. SCC Canada caters to your needs. The main thing is that you are studying in Canada, which is why it is done by agreement. University of Canada West”.

On the university side, Gabriela de la O, Director UCWHe pointed out that this company is one of the most important in Vancouver.

“Our projects, facilities and our entire environment are related to the business world. Our specialty is not only focusing on the theoretical area, but also on practical learning., He told the company.

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He also pointed out that they have an important program centered on students who have already finished high school, but still do not know what to study. “The Associated Arts lasts for two years and has a variety of approaches such as social justice, psychology, marketing, finance.”


From a The university ensures that Latin American students are encouraged to join, which is why they ‘United States Scholarship‘, Students can access the same price for a project as their Canadian counterparts.

“This is a valuable advantage because there are two types of training. On the one hand, Canadian students view a portion of their education as being subsidized by the government. On the other hand, foreigners who do not qualify for this grant pay higher fees. UCW We take care of these grants and sometimes give them an important scholarship “, Explained.

If you want to apply for programs offered by the university, you can access the records from the social media account. For Canada. Antina promises that this company helps students with all the paperwork and see the most relevant project for their profile.

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Results will be available from May 8, 2022 until at least September 30, 2023.