April 13, 2024


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Spain is tenth in Dubai after beating Canada and losing to France

The Spanish rugby team7 Finished on Tenth place Competition Dubai (United Arab Emirates), first level World Series, He scored after Saturday Canada (45-14) Lost against France (26-28).

The Canadians They easily fell to Spain in the semi-finals of the Consolation Cup, with the trained men dominating the first game. Pablo Fiju, Which combined two experiments Nico Nieto and Alejandro de la Rosa, Before the end of the third minute of the game.

At the break (21-7) the game was without suspense but the second half served the Seville Wing. Manu Moreno, Who pioneered the ‘Seven’, delivered an attacking festival with four trials that pushed the score to the 45-14 final.

France Competitor of the Spaniards in the meeting for the ninth place, which was decided with the change of Steven Pares After the clock is at zero, the national team pulls the score from the initial test Moreno And within fourteen minutes of the confrontation.

Nisié Huyard An overflow below the right wing is immediately bounded, but the penetration capacity of the center Pick Lopez, Sowed two consecutive points between the French clubs, giving Spain a significant advantage at the break (21-7).

Cowles again approached with a personal action Ryan Repatz, But the fourth Spanish brand, in Diego Romero After breaking the left aisle with him, he ended the crash in three more minutes. Juan Martinez He wasted two extra points of change (26-14).

However, France He removed his most experienced players from the bench to score Jordan Sebo Steal a scramble with twenty seconds left Nelson Sword Build ball and allowed Pares Hole with small angle to avoid extra time shot (26-28).

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